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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by skip29, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, 

    Been lurking the forums for a while and decided to finally join! I have been planning my first build to get ready for a busy summer of smoking! I was thinking a fridge at first, however I have come across an old oven which I think would work perfect. 

    I was planning on using this outside, so my plan is to strap some tongue and groove wood to the sides to make it look more appealing! Have a look at the diagram I came up with and let me know what you guys think! Im excited to start this build.

    Also, I am wanting to go charcoal. Personal preference (and I don't mind finicking with temperature). So long as theres beer, i don't mind watching!!


    edit: Also, I'm going to strip everything out of the oven. What I may consider though is rigging up the existing light to work off either a typical outlet, or rig it to a small solar panel. Haven't thought that far ahead yet...

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  2. Hello Scott.  You made a statement.  You told us your plans.  You didn't ask for advice and I think maybe that is why you have received no replies.  I have NO idea of your smoking experience.  Buying and getting experience may be the better option?

    I am going to make a foolish mistake and ASSUME you wanted to ask advice.  And we all know what happens when we Assume but here goes:  

    When thinking of building your own smoker there are only a few reasons ( I can think of ) to carry out the threat rather than buying.  1: I have all the stuff laying around so build cost is zero.  2: I can build a smoker with twice the capacity of store bought for one half the price ( UDS ).  3:  I can build a commercial class large capacity more efficient smoker that I can use to feed an army for a fraction of the price.  4: I need a multi- purpose smoker I can not buy. 5: I need a "special" purpose smoker which costs too much to buy.  6:  I don't care about expense I love to build things.

    Looking at the diagram and thinking of cost I see no benefit to building the smoker.  I DO believe you will make it work.  You will be able to smoke a whole turkey in that oven.  You could by a 22" Weber kettle for "maybe" less money and a lot less work and smoke a whole turkey.

    Maybe more of your thought process would be helpful.  Just food for thought.  Keep Smokin!


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