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    I have been an avid smoker for a while. Unfortunately I have had just a crap round weber that just never was big enough. So I talked to a friend and have acquired a double door stainless steel commercial fridge. This friend even found a nice retired military fuel transfer trailer to mount it on. I have it mounted but still have some work to do there. I am in the process now of gutting it.inside there are two separate chambers that has fiberglass batting insulation but it also has some Styrofoam insulation so I decided to just remove it and put roxul in.

    My intentions are to make one side electric and the other side propane. This would allow me to use each independently and the propane allows me to use it even if electric isn't available. So far I have the right side inside tub removed and am working on the left side. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have that tub out tomorrow and get the insulation put back in.

    I will try to attach pictures but since I am new I am not sure how it will work.

    Some things I am wondering about is if anyone has a good electric element they would recommend. Also I am thinking of putting in a wood chute. Basically a small flap that I can open and slide wood chips down to refill my wood pan. Has anyone done something like that or have a better solution to keep from having to open the door and cooling things down.

    Thanks and I hope someone enjoys my build as much as I will.

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    I am so disappointed today. I made great progress yesterday and turned down going to the lake today to work on my smoker reno today. I wake up early to start working on it and as I look out my window it's raining.

    This is where I should share that I got my smoker home yesterday only to find out its literally an inch from fitting in my garage height wise so I had it sitting outside last night waiting on me to work on it today. So now I, am waiting on the rain to let up enough I can flatten the tires and hopefully push it in the garage. I contimplated doing that last night but didn't expect rain today. Grrr.

    More updates to hopefully come today
  3. Let some air out of your tires and back it in  Looks like it's going to be a cool build

    Gary S
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    i did just that this morning. It was a tight squeeze and it did fit with me standing on the platform and using one foot to roll the trailer backwards by turning one of the back tires with my foot. (wife wasn't home yet)

    what this did do was make me realize that my chimney will be going out the side and not the roof just in case i want to back it in the garage later on down the road lol.

    i managed to get all of the old insulation out. WHAT A MESS. the back, top, and the outside of each inner tub had fiberglass batting. the right side door had it as well. the bottom and inside sides had a harder styrofoam type stuff. all of which caught fire or smoldered under heat. so i pulled it all out. the left door i saved for last thinking it was going to be like the right side and be really easy. NOPE. spray foam!!!! someone modified this door and did an alright job for a fridge but not for a smoker. so out came the spray foam. it took longer for that one door then the entire rest of the fridge. 

    never the less i got it done and cleaned out. i ran to Lowes and picked up a bundle of roxul and some fire resistant caulk. 

    i also took dimensions for all of the stuff i need to get made to replace all of the fiberglass plastic trim pieces. I was really hoping i could make this a lot more simple than what they did. but i dont think i can. good thing i work at a metal fab shop and have friends in the shop :)

    I am ready to start putting the inner tubs back in with insulation once i get that stuff made. unfortunately i think this build is going to be on hold for close to two weeks since work starts again tomorrow and im guessing i wont get any parts for it until later this week and this weekend my parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary. I was really hoping to have my smoker up and running for this weekend but due to some circumstances outside of my control i only got to start this weekend. so i am borrowing a friends smoker and will be doing some brisket and pulled pork sammiches for their party.

    Just before i finished up today i was cleaning up and noticed my trailer has a cross brace up front and the weld is cracked. its an all aluminum trailer. this has me nervous so i am going to talk to a friend of mine and have him come take a look at it and see what my options are.

    not much to show pictures wise. so until next time. thanks for reading and following along with my build. 
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    Gonna be a great build... If I were to make a suggestion... myself I would look into taking the leaf springs of the cart to lower it.. unless it's going to be towable ..... If it is.. then I would look into cutting the main frame rails and putting a drop in them to lower the smoker 8-10 inches... so it can be put into the garage... just thinking outloud..
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