First Smoked Whole Chicken

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  1. Tried my first whole Chicken this weekend. Details and pics below:

    One 3.5 lb. whole chicken

    Homemade rub overnite

    Charcoal, mesquite, and apple wood

    Kept chamber between 250-300

    Cook time 4 hrs.

    Pulled chicken at 170 let stand for 25 mins.

    (date stamp on pics is incorrect, note to self, need to fix that)

    homemade rub let sit overnight

    good fire going in box

    Begin cook time

    Weather was cool with no wind so used a fan as stoker. Worked well as long as you watched it.

    Took some effort to get temps up to 300

    Make-shift stoker

    About 2.5 hrs in

    Added some corn and baked beans

    Smoked corn came out good, vey moist

    Occasionally got temps upt to 300+ and would hold for 20-30 minutes

    Pulled chicken at IT of 170

    After 25 min rest (foil covered)

    A butcher I am not

    Meat was very juicy and skin had the right amount of crispy!

    Platted and ready to eat!!

    Some notes:

    This is my first time smoking a whole chicken on this smoker (brinkman offset).  In most of the threads I had read to keep the chamber temp at or around 300. I had a hard time doing that with this smoker. It may be the limit of this smoker design or the quality. I have had great success smoking ribs and pork shoulders where the temps do not need to reach 300. Any suggestions on getting a higher chamber temp on this smoker?
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    Great looking Chicken!

    The BBQ Guru might have a stoker that would help you keep the temps up. I would suggest putting the chicken near the firebox side of the smoker.
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    I'd sure eat that! Yes I have a suggestion to try. Put a pan the FB side filled with sand and cover with foil.. Let that serve as a mass and take the brunt of the heat.

    To increase the pit temp use lump charcoal and consider a Pitmasteriq stoker to increase the heat more. It's a less expensive PID that works well and has a 15 cfm fan. A steady 325ish heat will give the best results.
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