First Smoked Salmon (First WSM run)

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    Trying out some smoked salmon as my first cook in my new WSM.  Using the brine and general method found here:

    Now I'm waiting for the pellicle to form and then into the smoker with some alder chips.

    Along with the salmon, I'm smoking a veggie mix of brussel sprouts, red potatoes, green bell pepper and garlic and a cut up block of store-bought mozzerella to make a smoked salmon pizza tomorrow with leftovers. Also, I'm smoking an eggplant for some Baba Ganoush with an almost magic-like simple naan recipe (I'll have to search to see if this is the first naan reference on here). 

    Q-View 2 come. 
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    PLEASE HURRY! I NEED TO[​IMG]  I have to have Q-VIEW

    Happy smoken.

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    Brussel Sprouts, Red Potatoes, Green Pepper, and Garlic in EVOO and S+P:

    Pellicle after 3 hrs:

    Mozzarella after 1 hr of Alder smoke:

    Salmon after 2 hours (needed more but it was 9pm...):

    The veggies needed MUCH more time since I was smoking at 140-150 so I finished them in the oven. Next time, I'll add more smoking time and perhaps a touch of hickory for a bit of a stronger flavor. 

    Tomorrow I'm making a smoked salmon/smoked mozzarella pizza with garlic/olive oil sauce and homemade crust (and I might hit the local bagel place so I can have some smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese...)

    Any comments/suggestions?

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