First Smoked Butt on GOSM!!

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  1. Because I was ordered by the "boss" since pulled pork is her favorite, my first endeavor on the GOSM was a pork butt.  I did alot of research on the site about how to prep and cook and boy are you guys awesome with helpful information (Thanks to TulsaJeff also for the outstanding tips in the ecourses and the rub and suace recipes!).

    Take a look, and enjoy!  I certainly did!  Sorry about the quality of the pics.  I took them on my Blackberry because the "boss" had our camera!

    Gettin' the GOSM ready.


    Prepped the butt with mustard and TulsaJeff's rub recipe...  while having some adult beverages...



    Into the magic box it goes...


    The finished product!!  I finished it off in the oven to save a trip to get more propane.  Double wrapped in foil, it cooked to about 198-200 degrees, and it was oh so moist!!!  (By the way, those are the "boss's" hands in the picture, not mine!)



    A couple things I learned after the fact:

    I had a little issue with box temperature.  I had another meat probe in the grill to see if it differed from the gauge on the door of the unit.  The difference was huge, about 40 degrees.  I just cuoldn't believe this so I got an oven thermometer in there and checked it about 20 minutes later and it was actually closer to the door thermometer.  I went with the oven thermometer though and made my necessary adjustment to the heat.  I'll be going with the oven thermometer from now on.  It's small enough that it shouldn't get in the way.

    I did not smoke fat side down.  I did it fat side up because that's what I'm used to doing with brisket.  But I did finish it in the oven fat side down sealed in the foil.  This did make it awesomely tender, but the bark dissolved in the process.  The taste was excellent though and I got a pretty good smoke ring, too.

    I did not mop.  I could have, and perhaps I should have, but for this first one I wanted to see what the original taste would be without it.  And by wrapping it up, I guarantee I didn't lose any tenderness.

    For those interested, I smoked the butt with hickory chunks to about 145 degrees internal (I changed out the chunks once), then double-wrapped in foil in 240 degree oven until I got internal temp of 198-200 degrees.  I then let it sit (still wrapped) and covered under some kitchen towels for about an hour before partaking in the BLISS! 

    The whole process started about 6 AM and ended about 10:30 PM with a great before-bed taste test.  I saved and separated the juices and heated everything up the next day for dinner.  YUM!!!!!!  Wish I could've had everyone here.
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    Looks good I suggest getting a notebook and keeping track of everything about the smoke that way you can go back and compare notes from each and tweak recipes and methods to get exactly what you want.
  3. Thanks for the advice, Pineywoods, I'll deifintely start doing that.  Especially with all the things I'm going to try with this box.
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    Just done one yesterday...definitely is yummy!  I did spritz mine nearly hourly after the first couple of hours and I believe the mopping or spritzing process helps build a nice bark.  My new GOSM, or better referred as you put it "magic box!" door thermo seems fairly close, it seems to be within 10 degrees of the probe I use.  Might test your probe in a pot of boiling water (212*).  Happy Smokin!!   
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    great looking butt man!  those pics looks like the good Lord is shinin' his light down on your smoker!  It MUSTA been good! 

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