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  1. Well, My first smoke was a success! I picked up some country style ribs on Sale at Giant Eagle. 

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    Nice, congrats!
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    I see the rub on them, looks good, what did you use?

    On sale at country eagle? What part of the country are you from? I likes me some country ribs?
  4. I'm sorry, my post didn't come out as expected I was having some computer issues and it posted before I could finish!

    I got the Country Ribs at Giant Eagle, I am from Ohio and it is a grocery store with a great meat counter.

    The rub is a rub from BBQ PitBoys, it was very good! Except I added a little too much Cayenne Pepper!

    I smoked them at about 250 for 3 hours then I put them in a foil pan and added some apple juice and sealed them and smoked them for an additional 1.5 hours.

    After that I put some bbq sauce on them and put them back in the smoke for 30 minutes, but they were so juicy that they were falling apart when I tried to move them from the pan back to the rack!

    Overall a success for my first smoke.  I need to get a thermometer that I can monitor from the outside. I just don't trust the factory one on my 30" MES.
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    Well looks like you did a great first smoke!

    MES are notorious for miscalibrated thermometers. I was extremely lucky, I had been smoking for awhile when I got my first electric and knew to check 'em out first. But when I checked my MES30 it was within plus/minus 5 degrees, I can live with that. But hear alot of of stories where they are way out. I bought it cause it was inexpensive, when I looked at the instructions I knew it wasn't build by Cadillac. But mine works like a champ so far.

    But once you get it all scoped out, tweaked in, burnt and seasoned. Mine has been a pretty good smoker.

    Remember to keep that door closed, electrics do not recover a heat loss well (like a gas stove vs, and electric). They don't need water. An normally they don't need much of your attention.

    Again it looks good,congrates on a great burn in!

    Enjoy the smoke!

    BTW if you'd go in and update your profile and show where you are from you will not get asked all the time about it, just saves you time and effort.
  6. Thanks! I did notice that after my first smoke there was a lot of "stuff" on top of the chip tray and in the water tray and the bottom. Is this common? 

    I think I will try a Pork Butt next because I love Pulled pork sandwiches!
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    Its hard to tell without a better discription of "stuff"....LOL

    Could the "stuff" be cooked on juices secreted from the meat? And lets just go ahead and change that name from water pan to drip pan. Some folks clean 'em then line 'em with foil, some folks fill they with sand to help with the heat loss. Me, I just wash it out it holds all those drips and the juices.

    Let me suggest for your next smoke, try a chicken. Chickens are totally awesome just plain smoked, then you can use it to try all those flavor modifiers everyone wants to do all at once when you first smoke. Birds are cheap, hard to mess up, and unbelieveably tastee!

    Jump in and try everything, but myself, I would practice with chickens first a couple a times.

    One more suggestion. get a dedicated notebook or set of recipe cards and use it for your education. It really suxs when you knock the ball outta the park on a super smoke, try to do it again a month later and can't get it right. Take notes. Heres some practice pages.

    Make sure that when you decide to do something new and fun to research it using the search function. Then if you don't understand or need my help come and ask on the board. Everyone loves to talk about smoking, but its always handy to know something to ask about first.

    Well you've started on your way to mastering your pit now, its now about research, experience, and making buddies with a butcher.

    Hope ya always think it is fun and remember to enjoy the smoke.

    Oh and make sure and sign up for the E-Course its great for the basics!
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