First smoke was also my first fatty with Q-pics

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by frog1369, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. My first smoke was also my first fatty, two of them with Dutch's wicked baked beans.  One was mushroom, swiss cheese and asparagus, the other was feta cheese, black olives, sun dried tomato and spinach.  They rocked, thanks to what I learned from this forum.  Smoked them up with apple and cherry in my new Smoke Vault.  Next weekend, RIBS!

  2. Looks Awesome! Nice job on the bacon weave!
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    They look great.  Keep on smokin'!
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    Nice, looks good Thumbs Up. WHB
  6. Looks great and terrific weave.
  7. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!
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    Wow, those look incredible! 
  9. Thank you for all the compliments but the real credit goes to all the people who are gathered on this forum.  I gathered all the tips and tricks that others have shared and this made my first results awfully good.  I keep listening and paying attention, it is helping as each smoke seems to get better.  While those fatties looked and tasted really great there was too much smoke for my wife's taste, they were borderline for me.  Now after some more experimenting with different wood and different quantities I've been getting some really flavorful results.  I know, I know, where's the Q-View, right?  I'm working on getting better at that too, right now the concentration has been on good prep, stable temps, monitoring temps and just about when I SHOULD be taking pics I'm concentrating on eating!  [​IMG]
  10. It's...  It's just so... BEAUTIFUL!
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    awesome job on your first smoke

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