First Smoke w/Large Cut of Pork Shoulder - - Temp Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by criscarolina, Aug 12, 2016.

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    I have a basic Charbroil gas smoker. I have done ribs and 4-5 # butts well. I decided to try my hand at a good 8# butt. It's the biggest cut I've attempted smoking. It fits on the grate but again it's large.

    I have a maverick Et733 probe about 4 inches to left of the meat AND an Acurite oven thermometer on the same grid but closer to the door. I'm feeling like my maverick probe is reading a little low (based off my experience w this cooker) and the oven thermometer is reading slightly higher than the maverick. They are in different spots.

    I guess I feel silly asking this, but could the larger cut of meat impact how hot the surface is? I know there's usually a cold air bubble but I feel like I'm well outside that. I'm worried the maverick may be off somewhat and this is actually cooking way higher than I'd like it to.
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    Yes a big piece of meat will impact the therms on the grate near it.

    After cooking a few hours the therms should even out & be close to each other.

    It's not really a big deal if your chamber temps fluctuate a lot.

    As long as you are between 225-300 you will be fine.

  3. criscarolina

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    Everything did in fact level out after 3-4 hours. Thanks!

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