First smoke Turkey Breast

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by stylez777, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. stylez777

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    I used a Perdue boneless turkey breast I had in the freezer as the test subject for my first ever smoke (took it out the day before to defrost).  Since this was a first run I didn't brine it nor did I rub it with anything.  Just used it as it was seasoned in the package.  I smoked it with a mix of Cherry chips and chunks.  I cooked it to 150 internal and let the bird rest up to 160 degree internal. Total cook time was about 3.25 hours @ just over 250F. Smoke only lasted about 2 hours and I got lazy not adding more wood. The end result was a nice turkey breast that was pretty tasty for a non-brined bird.  It had a nice smokey sweet flavor that everyone enjoyed!  I'm looking forward to doing a lot more experimenting!  

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    That thing was enhanced anyway. No need to brine. It looks like it may have been cured as well. Like a turkey ham.

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