First smoke tomorrow - pork loin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brooks hatlen, Mar 7, 2015.

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    So I got a weber 18.5'' smoker this week, went to Costco and picked up a 6.28 lb pork loin.  Was looking for a boston butt - they didn't have it so I got a pork loin.  I plan to use mustard and bad byron's butt rub.

    So I have a couple questions:

    1. If I am going to cut it, do I cut it lengthwise or widthwise? 

    2. I know to go based on internal temperature, but can you guys give me an estimate of how long it will take to reach 150 to 160 ish?  The outside temperature tomorrow is estimated to be about 45 F, and I plan to try to run the smoker at about 220 to 230. 

    I am having guests over at about 6, so I figure I will put it on at 1 pm.  If it takes three hours, if will be done at 4 and it can sit and rest for two hours; if it takes four hours it can sit for one hour.  Is that a good plan? 

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    Cut it in two widthwise. This gives you 2 3 pound roasts.

    Finished temp for pork loin is 145°, it is my opinion that lean cuts like this do not benefit in any way from low temps, I always cook pork loin at 300°-325°. At this cooking temp you should be done in 2 hours or less, YMMV. If you cook at the higher temp, check the internal temp of the loin after 1 1/2 hours to check progress
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