First Smoke Today - Used AMNPS and MES 30

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by vulnox, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Lowes was selling the window version MES 30 for 50% off, clearing them out for the new models it seems, so I finally took the dive.  After reading this site I ordered an AMNPS with a variety of 2lb bags through a bundle on Amazon that arrived today.  I also got an angled elbow for the exhaust vent.  Basically taking on all the suggestions I saw on this site for the MES.  I also pulled the loader out a couple inches and turned it over as suggested.

    I grabbed some boneless pork ribs from the grocery store just to do something inexpensive for the first smoke just in case I screwed it up.  Loaded up two rows on the AMNPS since it was only a 3-4 hour smoke with Hickory and Cherry.  I lit it using the methods suggested here (burn the ends with a torch for 45 seconds- 1 minute then blow on the embers a bit, let it burn through a couple inches) and the AMNPS stayed perfectly lit through the whole thing, giving off the perfect amount of light smoke.

    The ribs came out great.  Only issue I hit was I wanted to cook it another hour in foil as the recipe suggested to make them a bit more tender but ran out of time before dinner.

    Anyway, I have been wanting a smoker for a long time and it has all been worth it.  I have some family coming over tomorrow and I bought more ribs and a small brisket I wanted to take a shot at.  I also have a ribeye I thought about tossing in for an hour and see how that goes.

    Thanks to everyone that posts such great information here!

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