First Smoke Right Now!! 13# Brisket

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by smokeeater, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. ultramag

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    It will most likely slow down soon. Plateau should come in at 160°-170°. When and if it does (it will) it is anybodys guess when it will raise again. When it does take off again you'll be home free!
  2. My opinion.
    If I understand the physics involved, smoke penetration stops at 140. The only thing that continues to react to the smoke is the actual surface of the meat. That being said, I would stop adding wood chunks and just cook.
  3. deejaydebi

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    Woo Hoo SmokeEater you go boy! I'm waiting for the pictures!
  4. Current Meat Temp 150*
    Smoker Temp 222*
    Just sprayed with mop.
  5. cajunsmoker

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    Looking good SmokeEater. Hang with it. [​IMG]
  6. ultramag

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    At around 140° the nitrates and nitrites will stop forming the smoke ring, but your meat will continue to take on smoke flavor the whole time it is in the smoke.
  7. I added a few more chunks of wood around Noon. Not sure how much smoke I will like, but I am keeping a log and will have to figure out how much is good for me.

    I just passed the 8 hour mark, and the rate of temperature rise is slowing - about 2° over the last hour to 158°. Cooking temperature has been steady just under 235°. Added water at 4 hour intervals (at Noon and again just now). Attached is the latest pic.
  8. After re-reviewing the wealth of information here, it appears that my first post is wrong and Chad's is correct. But I will say this; if you foil, it's a waist to keep the smoke going. Unless of course, your heat source is wood.
  9. tonto1117

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    That looks wonderfull SmokeEater, I bet it smells fantastic as well!!!

    Feels like were waiting for a birth........[​IMG]
  10. pigcicles

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    I agree with Gunny, when you foil there will not be a need for any more wood for smoke. Keep in mind you shouldn't add too much wood at first until you know how the meat you are cooking takes on smoke. Looking good so far. You should come to the stall any time now. Don't turn up the heat to hurry it along.

    Keep Smokin
  11. cajunsmoker

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    Don't know if you plan on foiling or not, but you may want to consider putting a small wrap around the flat end so it doesn't dry out to much. Just my .02.
  12. bwsmith_2000

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    You're on to it man! Just add a pan of homade buttermilk bisquits and I'd say that you're set for the occasion. Hope you really enjoy that brisket! I remember my first one ....... I wasn't comfortable at all but I really enjoyed the night and with Fl. Jeff's help turned out one of the best pieces of meat ever. Keep us posted.
  13. I planned on foiling at 170°. I think I may have stalled at 160° over half an hour ago. Cooker temp is 225°.

    Should I foil the flat end before 170°?
  14. cajunsmoker

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    Not if you're foiling anyway. I just hate to see that little thin piece dry out while your trying to get the thick part up to temp. I've done it more than one time.[​IMG]
  15. ultramag

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    That I couldn't agree with more.[​IMG]

    FlaBill, just like buddah. [​IMG]

    I think 170° is a good foiling temp SmokeEater. Alot of folks foil sooner, but if you hold of until then your brisket will breakdown on it's own instead of being sped up through the stall by the foil.

    Me too! [​IMG] I have messed with not foiling my last two briskets on the GOSM. I believe I am done with that when a vertical smoker is involved. May try one more on the Pitmaster Deluxe without foil though. I'm hard headed like that. [​IMG]

    Last but not least, it looks and sounds like you are doing a bang up job SmokeEater. Definately better than the first time myself and probably many others tangled with the ornery brisket. Can't wait for the final results. The proof is in the eatin'.
  16. I am approaching the 12 hour mark!!! [​IMG] Meat Temp is 167°, Smoker temp is 227°. Temperatures went slow around 160°, but never completely stalled... least not yet.

    I still plan on foiling it at 170°. Picked up a spare tank of propane just in case. Looks real good, not that it's any indication of how it will taste. [​IMG]

    Here's the latest pic...
  17. [​IMG] One more thing!

    My Maverick ET-73 has performed FLAWLESSLY! How crazy would it have been, especially for a first time smoker, to open the smoker time & time again to check the temperature. On top of that, the wireless remote receiver allows me to stay indoors while it's freezing outside!

    [​IMG] I couldn't be happier! Except maybe tomorrow, when I am chowing down on some smokey meat!
  18. vulcan75001

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    Looks great....glad everything is coming together for ya..
  19. SmokeEater, congrats on the new smoker and it looks like you have everything under control.
    Now what time was lunch tomorrow [​IMG] ? Thanks again for the pics! Daun
  20. Hello SmokeEater [​IMG] ! How is the brisket coming along? Any pics yet? Haven't tried a brisket yet, just pork products [​IMG] .

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