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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokybill, May 14, 2009.

  1. smokybill

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    I am going to do my first smoking tomorrow. I have decided to do some spare ribs. I have one of those little Brinkman water smokers. I have a few questions. What is a good temperature? I was thinking 225. About how long to cook? If the temperature gets too hot, how do you lower it without getting too cool? I've read about the 3-2-1 method. Does this work well on this type of smoker? Any tips would be appreciated. I plan on using the rub that I purchased here. Thanks, Bill
  2. zdave

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    Hi Bill,Good luck with your smoke. Controlling temperature on the Brinkmann's (ECB's) is a bit of a guessing game unless you've modified it. I always had trouble getting my charcoal one to warm up enough with water in the pan. Dry, it ran a little better. Recently I bought an electric ECB and the first time I ran it it held about 260 on the bottom rack which is probably a bit warmer than I would've liked. Yes, I'm using a verified thermometer.Are you using an electric, charcoal, or propane ECB? I wouldn't worry too much about running too hot as long as there's water in the pan. A 3-2-1 is probably as good a place as any to start. Don't stress too much about it and enjoy your meal!
  3. smokybill

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    It's a charcoal ECB. It was given to me by someone that bought a new smoker. I decided to do the curing process today as it didn't seem to have been used for a while. Without water. It went well above 300 pretty quickly, but now after 2 hours its about 190. I haven't done any mods except I added a thermometer to the dome, next to the one that reads Ideal.
  4. bigsteve

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    If your model brinkman has a small door near the coals, opening it will reduce heat very quickly. Which model is it? ECB is a catch phrase that can mean any number of models.
  5. smokybill

    smokybill Newbie

    Not sure of the model number, as I didn't get a manual with it. I believe it is a Brinkman made for Bass Pro Shops. It has a Bass Pro Shop label.
  6. azrocker

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  7. waysideranch

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    SBill everyone here puts their own spin on things but i go 2-1.5-1. And everything in between. the foiling will make the meat fall off the bone. Keep temps around 225-240 if poss. Rub with your favorite spices and you'll get good results. It takes several smokes before you get it to your liking. Smoking is an adventure each time. Good luck.
  8. smokybill

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    Well, the ribs were great. I maybe used a little too much rub. I was going to post some pics. My son came by and borrowed my camera to take fishing. I told him not to get it wet. Well, now its 20 feet under water. With all my pictures.

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