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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bass, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. bass

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    Hey folks, I joined about a year ago, was considering a pellet smoker after seeing the Trager at a display in the mall.  After reading a bunch I decided that I set my sights on a Blazin Grill Works unit and then never did anything about it.  

    So after a year of procrastinating I bought a WSM off craigslist last week from some guy who used it once and put it away ;-)

    First smoke on it today,  starting off with a meatloaf and potatoes.   Its been on the fire for about an hour and a half now.   will post a little more when it somes out.  These photos are from just firing it up and placing the loaf on the smoker.   I pulled the loaf out of the pan after an hour of cooktime in the pan to let it form.  

    Using kingsford regular briquets and some chunk apple wood as a smoke wood.   water pan about 1/2 full.  

  2. timberjet

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    SCORE on the Weber! I do meatloaf often and I just start with the loaf pan upside down. When the meat starts to cook and set shape it slides down and you can just lift the pan off. Usually this takes about a half hour for me. Even better when it is done I just put the pan back over it and use a big spatchula and flip. Works great and never had a mishap, yet. haha... Happy smoking on that pretty new machine. timber
  3. bass

    bass Fire Starter

    we have these loaf pans my brother gave my wife for Christmas a couple years ago...they have a little perforated tray with handles that slips inside the loaf pan.  after an hour I just lifted the loaf out of the pan and set it on the grate on the tray.   I've been reading that the WSM runs hot when new, I've been able to keep temps around 250 to 260 by the lid thermometer.  I havent taken time to check its calibration though, but its only a relative reference anyway.   

    I have a type K thermocouple in the loaf and she just hit 160 about 5 minutes ago.  
  4. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I need to see if I can find pans like that. They sound really neat.
  5. bass

    bass Fire Starter

    Next time I think I'll try putting the 2 ears of corn on the middle grate about 1/2 way through the smoke.  

    this was easy !

    After dinner musings.....I really enjoyed the smoke flavor.  Added a nice touch to the taters especially.   I like to eat my baked taters with the skins on, and the smoking gave them a nice thick texture.   The wife however did not care for the skins (for much the same reason that I enjoyed them).   

    the meatloaf had great flavor but a touch on the dry side.   Have to work on that.   

    Now its time to go clean up.  

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  6. jirodriguez

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    Try a free form meatloaf - put a sheet of parchment paper on a rimmed baking sheet. Form your meatloaf on the pan by hand into a rough log/square shape and place the entire pan on your WSM. The benefit is that the smoke hits 3 sides at once, and most of the meat isn't soaking in the grease for a long time, just a little on the bottom.

    Grats on your craigslist score! ... and a good first smoke.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Or even better form the loaf and put it straight on the grill! I have never used a pan or anything for mine. Then you get full smoke! One of the best methods for forming is to do like you would with a Fatty and twist it up in plastic wrap and unroll it right onto the grill. IF you are paranoid about it coming apart pop it in the freezer for 30-45 mins. to firm it up.

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