First smoke on Smoke Hollow PS4400 from Sam's.

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by theoldman, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. theoldman

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    Sam's had on sale for $249, so thought it was time to try. Seasoned with cherry sawdust/chips from the wood shop,

    300 deg + for over an hour, after wiping down with veggie oil.  Had a good size loin that I had brined for 12 days, so thought this would be a good tryout.  Filled both chip pans with water soaked dust/chip mixture, and could not get any smoke until I got temp way above 300. (digital thermometer hanging from sausage rack. Right now, I have one chip pan smoking, and one burner on medium. Temp holding between 225 - 250. pretty nice smoke.  Chip pans are supposed to be ceramic coated, but the paint burnt off the inside bottom during seasoning, and this thing sure does need a door seal.  I'll post more as this progresses.
  2. Sounds like you are going to be having some fun learning and playing with your new toy.Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

  3. theoldman

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    Finished up the smoke on the loin. In the smoker @ 1145, all 3 pieces @ 165 IT @1715. I'm quite impressed with the new smoker, the thermometer is close, but I monitor with digital anyway. Was able to control temps pretty well between 225 - 250. Nothing in water pan. I'll get some play sand and see if a pan full holds temp a little better. The packaging was very good, everything was there, no damage at all, and everything fit.  I built a roll around stand for it and makes it pretty easy to stow away. Other than both doors leaking smoke, and one of the pezzio lighters not working every time, I'm happy with the construction, especially like the window to see what's going on. This was my first smoke using entirely cherry, and I'm not happy with the flavor. Tastes just like the smoke smells. It's a very pleasant odor, but not a very good taste.  Won't do that again.
  4. theoldman

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    I'm not too good at pictures, but here's the finished product, and the mobile cart (on it's side) I like the large casters, a little overkill I admit, but they were left over from a previous project, and I like the window more at eye level.
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    If you want to get rid of the chip pans altogether, here is a link to the mail box mod I did on mine:

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