First smoke on new ECB

Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by bigtex2112, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Last weekend I broke in my new ECB with a rack of spare ribs. Ribs turned out pretty darn good. I have to say I was pretty impressed. It has been years since I had even been around a smoker at all. I am fairly new besides helping out friends years ago and this is the first smoker I have owned.

    The ribs, they weren't a 10 maybe a 7 or 8 (by my standards of course, no competition or anything). The only mods I have done this far is to drill the air and ash holes in the charcoal pan and flip the legs. I also installed a new temperature gauge. I was able to keep pretty consistent temps for 1-2 hours at a time around 225-250. Over the 6 hour smoke I had to add lit coals twice, and threw a few until lumps a time or two.

    Back to the ribs, I did the 3-2-1 method. I have never tried this before and it went pretty well. My main gripe I have is that I wish the ribs would have been a little mor moist. I had them around 225 more so than 250 for most of the smoke. I added AJ to them in the foil for the second two hours. I guess spraying them in the beginning three hour smoke might help? You can see the pictures posted below of them at the three hour mark on the pit and then at the very end and cutting into them. These were not dried out ribs by any means. They were good, I just want even better.

    Lastly, the mods. I want to add the grate to help out even more in my charcoal pan. Who has dealt with dampers? How much difference do they make? Any feedback would be much appreciated, I know there is a ton of knowledge here!


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