First smoke on new Char-griller pellet grill (here we go)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by newqreview, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    Making lunch for about 35 working men for tomorrow.

    First smoke on the new CG so I decided to go with pork shoulder (most forgiving)

    running 6 of em between 6 and 7 pounds each for about 40 pounds of pre cooked meat.

    Washed them, sprayed with butter flavored pam and coated with a liberal dose of Jeffs rub.

    I went fat side up..

    Foil? don't plan to but we'll see.

    Spray? maybe every 45 minutes with mix of apple juice and cider vinegar?

    Finishing sauce? will have to read up after awhile.

    Put them on cold and set the grill on "smoke" and P2.

    Hmmm, only been on for 20 minutes and grill is at 150 deg. If its not up to 200 at 1 hour will bump the heat to 225 and see what happens...

  2. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    at one hour, now set at 225 and P2.

    The maverick is climbing fast....went to 185 - now back down to 180 - better bump the thermostat to 250...
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  3. geerock

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    Pretty sure the CG setting for smoke will only get you to about 160 or so. Might want to get your temp up or you might miss lunch tomorrow. Get to 225 and you'll be ok.
  4. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    Ty, now set at 250, P2.

    I also bought about 50 jalapenos with the thought of making ABT's (in the mes) but that feels awfully ambitious at the moment, lol

  5. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    2 hours in and settling down. CG temp probe on the far right reads 250 and maverick on the far left matches at 250 (yay)

    Just did the first spray with apple cider...

  6. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    I guess the peppers aren't going to stuff themselves... glove and grapefruit spoon, there has to be a better way?

    Just coming up on 4 hrs. Spray

  7. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    Up to P5 on the settings to try to goose some more smoke.

    In the meantime, with a runny nose and burning throat, the peppers are cleaned!

  8. newqreview

    newqreview Fire Starter

    8 hours in. The CG is set on 250 and P6. still no visible smoke. Mav says 235 and IT of 167 - we're in the stall. Also I just had to make an emergency run for another 20 pound bag of pellets.

    The ABT's on the other hand have a lovely TBS rolling.


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