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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sarnott, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Well, I did my first smoke on a new MES 30" with a window (end of season sale). I am learning about the MES and I don't know if others have the same issues.

    The good news is that the temp seems VERY stable, good smoke production, and easy to clean.

    My only concern is that I don't trust the temps. When I seasoned it, I put a potato in it with the meat probe and my Maverick probe in it and they were between 10 and 20 degrees different.

    Today when I smoked a London Broil, I used my dual sensor Maverick (that I re-calibrated today and seems very accurate (at least at 212 degrees and at 32 degrees), both probes were always within 1 degree. I'll post that cook later.

    When cooking today (and when I seasoned it), I don't know exactly what is measured. If I set the temp at 225, I'm measuring about 240 or a little higher in the cooking chamber. The meat probes were almost exactly 5 degrees different throughout the entire smoke, very consistent. 

    What have you guys seen? It seems pretty consistent so I can work with it but the smoking chamber temps doesn't seem to match the actual temp. I can deal with it because the Maverick lets me know what is going on.

    Thanks for any advice,

  2. bgosnell151

    bgosnell151 Smoking Fanatic

    Exact same... always 5-10 degrees hotter. I rely on my Mav to keep the temps for me 100%. Love my MES so far, hope you do to.
  3. Mine runs about 22* hotter than it's set at - use your MES as a rough guide but go by the Maverick for your actual temps...
  4. Thanks!

    I'm glad to hear I haven't lost my mind! I love the MES and its stability. I did have one other thing happen today. Right after I loaded the next cup of wood chips, I had a flash in the MES and an over pressure (baby explosion) that pushed the wood chip loader out a couple of inches with a bang and a release of smoke. 

    Have you all seen this before? Was I doing anything wrong? I did see the note about the temps rising right after loading wood but the "pop" surprised me.

    The other thing that really surprised me was the speed of the smoke. I smoked a 3 lb, 2" thick  London Broil at a normal temp for me in just over an hour. On my old propane smoker (no insulation and poor temp control) it would take two hours.
  5. I had that happen to me too when I was seasoning my MES but that's the only time I ever used the chip loader on it. I use an AMNPS & couldn't be happier - 12 hours of smoke if I fill it & it works for cold smoking too  [​IMG]
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  6. I need to buy an AMNPS! That is my next purchase.
  7. bgosnell151

    bgosnell151 Smoking Fanatic

    Buy it now... you will love it. I have never used my MES without it and I can't imagine doing so.
  8. Todd has a sale for SMF members this month - 20% off - great time to get one  [​IMG]
  9. GREAT! I'll do that.

    Thanks Again,

  10. You're quite welcome  [​IMG]    Don't forget the code to get your 20% off  SMFSEPT2013
  11. I've been looking around on the site. What is the right size for a MES 30 and how do you find the 20% discount?

    Sorry if I'm being dense,

  12. Hey Scott - get the 5x8 AMNPS

    You get the 20% discount at checkout - under your list of items there is a box to put in a coupon code - use the one I posted earlier  SMFSEPT2013

    Don't forget to order some pellets   [​IMG]
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  13. Thanks,

    I will.
  14. ibbones

    ibbones Meat Mopper

    Scott, I am also a newbe to the MES 30" and got on here.  On my second smoke I had the AMNPS and what a difference it makes.  I ordered mine on Labor Day with a 10% discount so the 20% is a lot better but I am very happy with it.

    I did have a few problems keeping it lit for the whole smoke but read about them on here and it's all better now.  I don't think I will ever use the chip loader again.
  15. beeflover

    beeflover Smoke Blower

    What is amnps?
  16. bgosnell151

    bgosnell151 Smoking Fanatic

    @beef lover... check out smoking Bs link. It is basically a maze that you put pellets into to create smoke for longer periods of time so you don't have to open the smoker. I can't imagine not having one. With a 2 year old, spending a ton of time smoking isn't really an option. Set it and forget it. I highly recommend it for anyone with an MES.

  17. bgosnell151

    bgosnell151 Smoking Fanatic

    Crap, this just made me realize that I forgot to put the code in when loading up on my pellets. Just got my Pecan, Peach, and Smokers Choice in the mail. I can't wait to get a pork loin, stuff it and smoke it over the peach, should be awesome.
  18. bbqwannabe

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    I have a mes 30, do any of you have any pictures on where you put your amnps. Also wouldn't the tube work out better since it would take up less room. I just got my smoker this week so all of this is new to me. Thanks for the help.
  19. Most who still keep it inside the MES put it on the 2 bars at the lower left.

    I use the mailbox mod in my MES 30 & love how great it works - no worries about keeping stuff from dripping on the pellets, easy access to add more pellets on a long smoke without opening the smoker & it adds zero heat when cold smoking. Search "mailbox mod" & you will find several threads - here is a good one

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