First smoke on MES30 (Turkey and chicken breasts)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by pasmoker81, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Well, I did my first meal on my birthday gift from my wife this weekend.  My brother and his family came down so I had 7 mouths to feed.  I did two (2) boneless skinless turkey breasts, four (4) boneless skinless chicken breasts, and one (1) GB bacon cheddar Fatty (for a different forum).  I brined both the turkey and chicken for about 12 hours.  I did a citrus herb rub on the turkey breasts and used a store bought (Penzey's Galena St Rub) Q rub on the chicken breasts.  To do a little test on my own, I wrapped two of the chicken breasts in bacon to see if they would be juicer.

    I set the smoker at 240°F and added a 1/2 cup of chips about every 1/2 hour.  I used an equal mix of Alder and Apple.  I would also spritz the turkey and chicken breasts when adding the chips.  The turkey  breasts went in at 1:30 pm, chicken at 3pm.  I was getting crunched on time so for about the last 45 minutes I turned the smoker temp up to 275°F to get the breasts up to temperature.

    All in all the smoke flavor and taste of both the turkey and chicken breasts were excellent.  I was a little disappointed with the moisture of the birds though.  I wouldn't necessarily say it was dry, but getting there.  Got plenty of compliments on it, but I was still a little disappointed with the juiciness of the meat.  The two chicken breasts that I wrapped in the bacon were a little bit more juicy, but not by much.

    Any tips?  I'm thinking next time, with those cuts of meat and the lack of fat, I may smoke them at a higher temp so they aren't in there as long?  The turkey breasts took a little over 4 hours, chicken breasts around 2 hours.  Has anyone foiled breasts before?  I'm wondering if that wouldn't have helped also.

    All in all it was great and the MES worked pretty flawlessly.  I am a little concerned regarding the smoke it is producing.  I would have periods of no smoke then I would look out and the chimney would be billowing smoke.  I sent Darryl a PM about the retro kit with my unit's Serial #.  Sorry for no Q-view.  I have to ease my wife into this new obsession she started.  I already had her thinking I was nuts by mounting carrying handles and putting the unit on casters.
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    Sorry,but I guess I gotta be the one to say:


    As far as the smoke problem goes, check out the A MAZE N SMOKER. It will solve your problem.
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    Haha, yeah I figured I was going to get that sooner or later!  I plan on getting an AMS soone, but I have five bags of chips that my wife bought me that I want to get through first.  I can take some of the few leftovers that I have, but they won't be fresh from the smoker.
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    Al nailed it -
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    [​IMG]  My eyeballs are NOT happy!

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    yeah, yeah, I get it.  I will post pictures next time for sure.  But no one has any suggestions for keeping the breasts juicer?  I don't see how the AMS would help with this.
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    What temp did you pull them out at? 165 degrees would be about right. Was the skin on? Leave it on for a juicier bird. Brining makes for a juicier bird. What was in your brine? So does injecting. Slaughterhouse brine is what a lot of us use, check the wiki's. When I inject, I use chicken broth & melted butter. If you have the time I think brining is the better of the two. Sometimes I do both, most guys don't they say it's overkill.
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    Al, I pulled them at 170°F.  Probably a little to long.  The skin was not on as I bought them skinless, I'm sure the skin would have helped.  My brine was a pretty much Tip's brine that I found on here with a few minor additions/subtractions.  I did not inject the breasts at all, will have to try that out next time.
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    Would have love to see how they turned out.[​IMG]
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    If I were you, I would not use up my chips, before I get an AMNS.

    I still use a couple chips every now & then, and my AMNS beauties are more than a year old.

    If the amount of dust I put in my AMNS runs out, and I might want to put another hour or hour & a half of smoke on, I don't usually feel like pulling my beloved AMNS out, and putting more dust in it, & lighting it, so I just throw a few chips in the old chip drawer & finish out the smoke.

    If you use all your chips up, and decide you want to do that, you'll have to buy some or make some then.

    Just a suggestion,


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