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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by gfishertx, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    First smoke on my new MES30 today.  Been smoking on 2 other smokers for a few years (Brinkmann Vertical Charcoal and Char-Broil Vertical Propane)

    Went with a 5.1LB Bone-in Boston Butt.  Brined overnight and slapped on some Jeff's this morning after letting the butt come up to temp a bit.


    Fired up the AMNPS with a small bed of cherry layered with a nice bed of Hickory


    Now the smoker is going to town with a nice TBS coming out of my make-shift smoke stack courtesy of the ever popular "ubiquitous red cup".


    Haha, you can see my morning hair!  

    Will let you guys know how it turns out!  

  2. mballi3011

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    Well it looks like you are off to a good start and we will have to check back in for more. Now while you have a chance you should run over to Roll Call and introduce yourself. Then we can give the proper howdy for SMF. 

  3. Will do that now!  Signed up a long time ago and I guess I never got around to it.
  4. So check this out!  I happen to have a WiFi surveillence camera laying around so I hooked it up outside by the smoker. 

    If you go to this link:  you can log in.  I recommend using the Server Push option (even if you still use Internet Explorer) so it does not install anything on your computer.

    The Username is: smf

    The password is : smf

    You are you logged in, click the live video link and you will see it.  You should also be able to pan the camera around.

    Give it a shot!

    EDIT:  If you pan all the way left, you will see the Maverick Remote Temps.

    Recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.  Internet Explorer doesnt seem to like the push mode on my computer, at least.
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  5. tjohnson

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    Great Start!

  6. Meat's been on 2 hours (Started at 9:00AM CST), and we are at 126 degrees.  MES is staying between 222-229, AMNPS is still smoking away!  Gotta love it.
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  7. chef jimmyj

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    LOL....That was TOOO COOL!...JJ

  8. Haha!  Did you connect to the camera and pan it around??
  9. smokinal

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    Awesome start!
  10. 4.5 hours in we are at 156 degrees.  AMNPS still smoking.  Smells good.
  11. Cool camera...can see the thin blue rolling out of the Thanks for sharing.

  12. africanmeat

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    Good start i will be waiting

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