First smoke on MES 30

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by erburn, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Got one for Christmas and gave it a go today. I have been using a Brinkmann electric and it worked pretty good smoked a turkey on it for Christmas Day and a ham for Christmas Eve. The new MES was like driving a brand new car though. I seasoned it last night then put the butt on first thing this morning. Needless to say it turned out great.

    I don't do any posting in here but I do read all the threads and want to say thanks for everyone's ideas and recipes it has been a ton of help. I have a maverick 732 and an Amazen pellet smoker but I had a lot of trouble with it today given the cold wet conditions. I am going to definitely make some mods to the smoker to take advantage of the pellet smoker very soon. Today though I just used the pellets in the smoker just like I would wood chips and it worked fine!!!

    Once again thanks for all the help even though you guys didn't know you were helping!!!

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      Welcome Eric. Please do post some pics of your smokes. Never know who you might be helping out! Besides we love to see well smoked meat!


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