First smoke on Double Play offset

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  1. Definitely a learning process here. Started off with one chimney of Royal Oak and got temp up to 260 ish , put food on and temps were down to 175. Added another chimney, then another and an hour in I'm at 215.
    Leaks in a few spots I didn't anticipate and I'll address those afterwards. Hope the ribs and chicken turn out ok . Thank you all for the input and info !
  2. Fighting it to get temps over 200 so I sat a small desk fan not to fire box and temps are steady at 250 far side and 225 firebox side... Should I remove my baffle leave tuning plates since my far side is hotter ?

    I should mention that I have a water pan from my master built vertical smoker hanging off cooking grates on fire box side and it is windy today ... Well breezy

  3. Definitely learned a lot . Not bad for a rookie!
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    Looks good enough to eat to me!  Congrats on your 1st smoke in it.

    The water pan may be the reason for cooler near firebox side.  Could also be your tuning plates.  I'm just guessing, as I don't have that model of CG.  I have the smoking Pro model, and don't use water at all anymore.  But that's just my preference.

    Good looking food though.
  5. Was wondering that myself about the water pan, thanks. Will leave the pan out on my next smoke .
  6. Removed the water pan and sealed up a couple leaks and temps are even with food on ! Got a whole chicken and tri tip on 👍 Appreciate this forum and everyone in it . Thanks

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