First smoke of 2012 w/ Qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by vic81, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Well, I have been using my Char-griller duo for two years - going on three.  This year I decided I would clean out both the smoker and the grill sides.  When I took off the cover I noticed some small critter has tried to make a home in the grease trap at the bottom (acorns, droppings found).  This furthered my desire to clean everything out - no signs of anything coming in contact with the actual grill grates, but better safe than sorry.  I used warm water with dish soap in a 5 gallon bucket.  On the smoker side I had to use the back of the grill brush (scraper) to remove large chunks of old drippings.  I didn't get everything out, so some of that old 'seasoning' was still on everything.  

    Once clean, I let it dry out until Saturday morning.  Using veggie oil, I wiped everything down.  I then fired up the grill side and the smoker - time to get cookin'!

    One the menu - a 4-5lb Brisket and 5 chicken breast.  I covered the brisket in my current favorite rub - 3 beer  - the night before and it was ready to go.  The chicken breast I cleaned up, and split down the middle.  I stuff some with mozzarella and some with sharp cheddar.  All of the chicken breast were then wrapped in bacon (some more than others).

    Take about good!!!!  I cooked to temp using my digital thermo and the results were amazing.  The chicken stayed on the smoker for about 4-5 hours and the brisket was on for ~6 hrs.  The wind and cool air made keeping this smoker consistent an issue, but with a little attention everything turn out perfect.

    Here are some pics!










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    Now thats a smoke that I would be proud to serve in my house. Great looking Q there Vic.
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    Looks good
  4. MMMMMM...looks great from here!
  5. You rock man.  Love what you did with the chicken. 

    The kids insisted I clean out and organize the freezer today.  Found myself with 7 packages of chicken, two chuck roasts, 2 Boston pork roasts, and bags of fat for the chuckies.  Not too bad except it's a small freezer.

    I've got the bacon and cheese.  I'm going to try your cheese stuffed chicken tonight.


  6. One thought I need to add, regarding adding cheese to the chicken.  Store bought shredded cheese has a light wax coating that keeps it from clumping together.   Cheese you shred yourself and individually wrapped slices do not.  In no way am I suggesting that one is better for you than the other.

    However, apply heat to either and the meltdown is considerably different and you might be disappointed in the results.  You may wonder where the cheese went if you shred your own.  Store bought seems to stand up to the heat better.. 

    I've not cooked anything this long with either type of cheese.  Just know that with Jucy Lucies, stuffing the burgers with packaged shredded cheese keeps the juicy in the Lucie since it doesn't just bubble away.  It could be that neither cheese will survive a long smoke, but I sure hope I'm wrong.
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    Watch out on the chicken, one of mine was a little dry - most were spot on though.  As for the cheese, I used the store bought, but wish I had cut out a hole / spot for the cheese to stay instead of squeezing out when it got hot.  Some of the cheese melted and leak out, I would say about 50-75% stayed put.
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    Great looking smoke. Like the chicken idea too 
  9. Crap.  I'm quoting myself.

    I skinned the chickens.  They were small and still had bones.  There wasn't much room to insert cheese into and I'm wondering if you added cheese chunks or slices as you wrapped the chicken in bacon.   couldn't figure how to keep the cheese in there.  Is it the bacon that holds it in?

    Not knowing an answer in time to salvage this meal I decided on a different course..  In a half pan I'm smoking the legs, thighs and breasts together for the first hour or two.  I'll add a good layer of shredded cheese on top and foil over for the last hour.  There will be no runoff, so I'm curious how much the cheese will burn or evaporate.

    It's totally my fault for rushing into this.  Just didn't think things through until the finish.  Yet, dinner is cooking.  It gave me a goal tonight.  Don't you love smokin!
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    Everything looks delicious!
  11. terry colwell

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    Its March.... What is with "

    First smoke of 2012 w/ Qview "???

    Is there a OFF season I am not aware of??  Someone please help
  12. realtorterry

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    Its like your reading my mind!!
  13. vic81

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    I hear ya!!!  [​IMG]    For me I typically wait until it is slightly warmer outside.  The chargriller doesn't hold temps to well and I don't have a blanket for it yet.....there's a birthday idea for the wife [​IMG]
  14. There has been lots of smoking activity going on over the winter, though I suspect much of it is from electric smokers.  I bought my smw last fall and smoked three times with it until the snows fell.  I wasn't yet ready to give up smoking so purchased a porch model electric to carry me through the winter and usually fire it up 2-3 times a week.

    Looking forward to spring though.  My family says why bother?  They love the stuff I'm feeding them from the electric.  A good rub and good sauce will do that.

    Me?  I want to get back to smoking up the neighborhood and that all impressive smoke ring.  Looking forward to firing up the weber and cooking some big meats.

    I've got the weber ready.  Should have used it today but it didn't work out.  Spring is almost here. 
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    I like the chicken idea going to try it.  That beef looks great too.
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    It all looks good too me very nice job.

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