First smoke - Memorial Day ribs

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  1. I got my very first smoke in on Memorial Day - spare ribs on the ECB. I only made a few modifications before the first smoke. I added airflow holes to the charcoal pan and placed the small charcoal grate from my Smokey Joe inside. I also added a new thermometer to the dome. After this first smoke I'll definitely be moving the legs outside for easier access to the charcoal pan. Making any adjustments mid-smoke was a nightmare. After fighting to get the temp up I also plan on adding some more holes for airflow and some sort of damper for more control.

    I rubbed the racks down with yellow mustard and a store-bought rub from Costco (didn't have the time I wanted to come up with my own). After letting the flavor soak in over night I got the smoker going in the morning and did a 3-2-1 smoke with a mix of apple and mesquite. I ended up doing the "2" in foil in the oven due to temperature difficulties. I foiled the ribs with butter, Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale, honey, and some more rub.

    The last hour in the smoker was a breeze after I completely restarted the fire with new coals. Since the people I was with are sauce fans I sauced the ribs partway through the last hour with a slightly modified version of Billbo's sauce. Instead of Jalapeno I added a few Chipotles - turned out great!

    Last but not least - here's a little Memorial Day Q-View! The ribs were delicious. They weren't falling apart, but pulled away from the bone with little effort.

  2. venture

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    For a first smoke?

    I would have been very happy with that?

    I would add that I like a little tug on my ribs.  Others like fall off the bone.

    You will learn from the good folks here how to do it both ways to please your crowd!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I also like a tug to the ribs....looks great!  [​IMG]
  4. Venture- I definitely agree! I was pleased with the texture. When it falls apart you have to use a fork :)

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