First smoke , Masterbuilt GS30D 2 door propane smoker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by angst, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Wife got me this for Christmas, unfortunately (for her) she could not hide it until the 25th. 

    This weekend I am going to assemble and season it. I have a few questions.

    First mods will be the chip pan (foil the holes over) and gasket probably (already on order)

    Few questions

    The instructions say do not use chunks, only chips , is that right ? I see lots of people talking about chunks in these smokers .

    What a good first smoke to try ? Something not super involved while I get used to things.

  2. chef willie

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    I'd say just watch the chunks so they don't go up in flames if right over the burner. I prefer chunks and had no problem with them in a Master Forge gasser. I usually do a cheap bag of chicken quarters for the first run....10 pound bag here is about 7 bucks. Big, old tough birds usually so I pick at them more than make a meal. Of course, you may find different in your area. Pork butts at Safeway now at .99 a pound so a good buy there. Regardless, another good chunk of meat to be put close to the top of the list.....Willie
  3. OK got her seasoned , now wondering if we are going to smoke today. It's 28* and snow/freezing rain here today ..... Tempting . Beef ribs rubbed and some chicken leg quarters are standing by.

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  4. ... and away we go ... wish me luck . Pics to follow
  5. driedstick

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    Looking good,  Good luck

    A full smoker is a happy smoker
  6. Forgot my phone, but wrapped my beef rib , put some leg quarters on after 2 hours, I will snap a pick in another two when I unwrap the ribs .
  7. Beef rib was a little overdone, but still decent .

    The leg quarters were perfect !

  8. Just to follow up my post. Not with some experience I can tell you what happened . The thermometer on the smoker it WAY off , this is of course, no surprise. So my heat was a bit high , so the ribs got dark , and the chicken liked the higher heat.  I bought myself a Maverick and I agree this is ESSENTIAL to smoking .

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