First smoke in a new Weber One-Touch 22.5 - Two slabs of ribs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by haeffb, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. haeffb

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    I've had a MES for several years, but have wanted to try it old school for a while. I bought a Weber kettle for the Fourth of July weekend, and broke it in by grilling some chicken, steaks and assorted sides over the past week.

    Last night I set up a trial smoke to see how it was going to go, and prepped a couple of slabs of baby backs with my homemade rub:


    Set out this morning by making a half ring of Kingsford Competition briquettes with a few chunks of apple wood mixed in.

    Grill hot and ribs ready:

  2. haeffb

    haeffb Newbie

    Here's the wings, just a smile brine and smoke. Crisped the skins a bit on the old gas grill:


    And the ribs after spritzing with an apple juice/brown sugar mix for the last hour an a half, ready to come off the grill:

  3. haeffb

    haeffb Newbie

    And, finally, the ribs ready to plate:[​IMG]
  4. mcloven1t

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    Mmmm, chicken wings. That's something I want to try very soon :) 

    Wings and Ribs look great sir. Wouldn't mind having a boat like that too. ha ha

    Was your wife pushing the car with your boat???? lol :p
  5. ishbbq

    ishbbq Fire Starter

    I think you should have vacuum packed a few of those bones and sent them to me! Looks great. [​IMG]  
  6. knifebld

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    Looks awesome! Nice job.

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