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Discussion in 'Pork' started by eversch, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Alright everyone!  I introduced myself a few weeks ago and have been doing some extensive reading and preparing and I'm finally ready to attempt my first smoke.

    I wanted to give everyone my planned information and then get any additional advice or suggestions.  

    Then of course Q-View to follow at the end of the weekend after its been completed :)

    I am using a Master Forge Double Door vertical propane smoker. I've also got a ET-73 thermometer to keep the temperature of the chamber and of the meat. *Not quite sure how to mount it yet, but will know by that time)  I'm planning on going and purchasing a small to medium sized Bone In Pork Butt, hopefully approximately 5-6 pounds.  

    I've purchased Jeff's Rub Recipe after the many rave reviews from the various people on the website.  I'm planning on rubbing the butt the night before using a light layer of yellow mustard and Jeff's Rub.  I'm going to wrap it in plastic wrap and inject the butt with apple juice, kosher salt, and a little Worcestershire.  I will leave it in the fridge overnight.

    I know that the cooking times will depend highly on the meat, but gauging roughly 8-9 hours depending on the size of the Butt and the temperament of the meat.  I'm planning on attempting to keep the smoker around 230 degrees if possible.  This will be my first smoke, but hopefully being propane will assist in the regulating of the temperature.  I'm planning on using Hickory wood chips.  I don't have any chucks available; but have a large amount of chips for hickory, apple, cherry, mesquite, and alder woods.  Any suggestions on other combination woods or methods to ensure the temperature is regulated correctly is appreciated (nervous about overcooking)

    After it gets to 100 degrees, it looks like I should spritz it with an apple juice/morgans. I planning on double wrapping it in foil at around 165 degrees and and spritz it inside the foil with a combination of apple juice and capt. morgan.  and place back in the smoker until about 200 degrees.  I will take it out at 200, and place into a cooler with towels to let it rest.

    After resting for an hour, pulling the pork and then adding SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce on top. 

    I know that's a lot of information, but I really want to make sure that I get this right as my first shot :)  Any and all comments, suggestions, and recommendations would be most appreciated!

  2. You are set and I think I'll be asking you for advise. Nice game plan but sometimes things don't always go as planed .I think your well prepared for just about anything that comes your way. You can put your smoker temp.probe through a potato and set on a rack . And your right on with the temps and the resting . go get em.Bill  
  3. eman

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    It all sounds great,

    Only thing is give yourself xtra time . If ya get a long stall you may go over your planed time.

    Butt will stay hot in the chest wrapped in towels for hours.
  4. mballi3011

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    I would take Bob (Eman) advice and give yourself alittle more time but other then that I think that you have a pretty darn good plan. So now go smoke it and we will see it later in Qview.
  5. raptor700

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    Sounds like you did your homework (plan your work and work your plan) But there are allways variables...I think you can handle it ;-)
  6. meateater

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    It sounds like a well layed out plan. Grab a cold one and let it ride out, low and slow is the game. [​IMG]
  7. Sounds great.  I have the same smoker and have only done a couple of smokes.  My only advice is to watch the temp., I have a hard time keeping the Master Forge at low temps but  noticed the temp gauge that came with the unit is about 25 degrees off of an oven temp gauge I bought for comparison.  Let us know how it turns out.
  8. deannc

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    Sounds like you've put together a great plan!  Having the ET-73 is going to be a big help.  Not sure if you're talking about mounting the probe or the transmitter itself so I'll tell you how I do both.  Initially I used the little rack clip on the same rack as I was putting the meat on...then I identified thatt to be a pita when I wanted to slide the rack out to foil the meat etc.  Now I use an extra rack and put it in the intended slot for the cooking rack with the clip on the underside, route the probe cable down through the top vent.  I then use a spare cooking rack for the meat and place it on the top rail of rack slot you inserted the clipped rack (I'm guessing your rack holders are similar to a GOSM).  As far as mounting the transmitter I keep a block of wood on top of the smoker box and set my transmitter on it to protect if from the heat.  If its sitting in the blazing sun the led readout may fade a bit so I place a kitchen rag over it.

    Having a gasser the temp's may fluctuate but don't panic (like I did at first lol) it may creep a little on you if the breeze stops and the sun is blazing etc and it may just do it because it feels like it! lol  Set your alarms low/high temp chamber alarms at say 225/240 and it'll be fine.  If it spikes a little higher, adjust the gas knob and maybe crack the door for a second.  

    If you're going to use chips instead of chunks I'd recommend making foil packs and poke a couple holes in the top of the foil before tossing in your pan.  I prefer hickory chunks and have used the hickory with some pouches of apple chips (because I can't get chunks of it) and have liked it.

    When you open up your box to spritz keep an eye on your water pan after 3 or 4 hours into your smoke. 

    If you can, make up SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce at least the night before and then give it a few good shakes for the unveiling of that awesome butt you just smoked!

    As many have posted, the butt is pretty forgiving and given the research you've done along with the ingredients you have in hand I'm pretty confident your first one is going to be just great!  Can't wait for the Qvieeeew!  Happy Smokin'
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  9. Alrighty everyone!  The first smoke has started.  I've got the Boston Butt in the smoker.  I was unable to locate a Bone In Butt, so I've got a Boneless Butt in at about 5.5 pounds.  

    Here's the initial images.  I will keep you all updated and thanks again for your help.

  10. flash

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     You'll find that a boneless can take alittle longer than a bone in. Also a bone in will usually be more flavorful. Still you should look forward to a nice hunk of meat.
  11. The time is coming close!  The butt has reached 170 and it is foiled up and ready to finish off.  A few tasty adult beverages later as well.... :)[​IMG]
  12. raptor700

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    Lookin good, Can't wait to see it on a plate    [​IMG]
  13. meat magician

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    How did it turn out? Looked real good and sounds like you had a good plan but I'd like a review! Can't imagine it was anything "butt" yummy.
  14. The final stuff turned out great!  The taste was unbelievable.  I think my plateau came a little later than most cause it took until about 8:00pm before I was able to pull it out from cooking.  It does take a lot of time, but definitely worth the wait :)[​IMG][​IMG]
  15. squirrel

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    You go man! That looks great and you sure did a great job of preparing. I'll bet you are already hooked on smoking aren't you? Are you planning what to do next? Hehehe.
  16. The smoky flavor was delicious! And I do have to say that the best investment for this smoke was definitely the thermometer.  Made the day so much easier!

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