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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by thesmayway, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Well with a few days off and the rain we have been getting hammered with I figured I had nothing to do and plenty of time to try my first smoke. I went with a turkey "fillets" which I guess are just breast pieces... Wife doesn't like pork that much so I wanted to get her hooked on this before trying something else. I've been lurking for a while to try and understand the whole process and I learned a lot today working through the process... seeing how to control temps... etc. Well we just tried our first bite and both said wow. I think I could have upped the temperatures and reduced the time but it was still very juicy, had a great smokey flavor and the rub (montreal cowboy rub) was perfect for turkey. I definitely don't understand what took so long to get it done. The pieces were only about .5 lbs each and I had the temps between 250 and 300 the whole time... figured with the small pieces it would take about an hour based on what I've read here (30-45 mins per pound)... ended up taking closer to 2.5 hours to get the temperature up to 160. Maybe someone can shed some light? Also, how big do you guys typically make your fire? I'm using a Charbroil American Gourmet offset smoker and i started with a small hot fire using natural hardwood charcoal to "season" it as directed. I then built it up a little more and added the hickory chunks but spread it out and turned the vents back to cool it down. I felt like I had to continually add more wood... Maybe that's normal, but I'm thinking if I would have had a bigger fire it wouldn't have required me to keep opening the firebox. Anyway.... we were very happy with my first attempt. Thanks for all the good info here!

  2. venture

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    Main thing is the meat came out good, right?

    Once you get your unit tuned in, you should only have to tend the fire about ever 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours?  We do call it "low and slow".

    Looks like you did great.  Keep after it and you will get where you want to be.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. smokinal

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    Great job!

    The turkey looks perfect!
  4. roller

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    Looks real good I will take a piece of it right now with my eggs...
  5. Those look mighty tasty. You have the same offset as I have, I love it. I always

    set aside the whole day for anything I smoke, I hate being rushed, but that's me.

    As Venture said, the more you smoke with it the more you'll get tuned in to what

    you can accomplish in certain time frames. I think it's awesome that you both

    got the "Wow" factor on, that in itself is a great reward.

    Good job on your first run and thanks for the Qview...James
  6. shtrdave

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    Looks great, and trying turkey breast first is bold as it is easy to over cook, if you can do that you have got it made.
  7. sunman76

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    looks good, [​IMG]
  8. billyj571

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    looks real good  .
  9. hardslicer

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    it is a continuous process learning about smoking Q.....but that's half the fun....the other half is eating it! [​IMG]
  10. realtorterry

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    I also have the same smoker & I found the gauage on the lid to be off ALOT. You should try calibating it & whatever you probe with. That might help with the time? The smoker I have found works best with 3/4 to a full load with a few lit on top. With the vent full open let it come up to temp, then adjust the vents down from there. I usually end up almost closed, but that's mine.

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