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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by airinky, Jul 14, 2014.

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    I just used my MES30 for the first time yesterday. All in all, the meat turned out very good, although I think I could have had more smoke in the meat. I used a combination of hickory and cherry and put new chips in every hour. I was thinking of just doing hickory next time and adding every 45 minutes or so...thoughts, opinions? Here are some pics:

    Taken out of the fridge right before going in -


    The final product -

    A few questions I had:

    1. I know MES have a reputation for not being correct on the digital thermometer, but I had an oven thermometer that was reading a good 30 degree difference if not more most of the cook time? Is this possible?

    2. I didn't use any water in the pan, but does anyone have a pic of their setup? My water pan became the default drip pan. I was thinking about putting sand in it, but don't know how that would work since all the drippings would hit the foil covering the sand. Seems like the drippings would just stay there?
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    It is very possible to have a difference like that my MES40 runs around 20* off.

    The meat looks really good nice and moist from the pic.

    Cover the water pan as best you can with foil each time u use it.

    I do my butts with a drip pan under them on a rack still get nice smoke all around the meat.

    Check the MES site page lots of tips


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    Yes, most forgo the water pan.....steams the meat, opposite of what you want. Previous poster was correct...use a drip pan under the meat on another rack. Smoke?? look into getting a AMNS, either pellets or tube type to make your life SO much easier and provide endless hours of untended smoke. And while there ordering that order a dual probe therm so you can monitor chamber temps and meat temps your game in no time...Willie

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