First smoke: Apple Juice Brined - Smoked Pork Tenderloin

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  1. Broke in the smoker with a quick rack of ribs last weekend.. and decided to plan ahead and follow some instructions this weekend.

    Using a masterbuilt dual fuel smoker. Gas and wood.

    Subscribed to Jeff ' s website and downloaded his rub and sauce recipe.

    Wife wanted pork tenderloin.. so we went with Jeffs' recipe that he has posted... (sorry- struggling to link it on my phone)

    Cut the ends.

    Brined over night.

    After the brine...

    Mustard.. Jeffs rub... throw them in the smoker. Used apple wood that I had soaked in water for an hour this a.m.

    Kept the temp in the ballpark as outlined in the recipe.. 225 / 145.

    Sprayed them with a mist of apple juice every 30 minutes. They came out looking good. We cooked up a batch of Jeffs bbq sauce and made some of his apple bbq sauce as well. Side of mini Yukon gold potatoes to go with it.

    Worked great.. was nice and moist. I didn't get the perfect looking smoke ring.. but a good mix of white and pink meat.
  2. That is a fine looking plate. Don't sweat the smoke ring as you can't taste it.

    Happy smoken.

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    Nice smoke! Pork looked like it turned out great. Good job-thanks for posting it, David.

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