First shot at "reverse sear" method

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    Filets were $16.99/lb at Wegman's (Angus, grass fed organic), but the whole tenderloin was $9.99, so I got the whole tenderloin, cut 6 nice 1.5 inchers out of the middle and froze the rest. I seasoned them with kosher salt, cracked black pepper, crushed garlic, and beef paste, and wrapped them in uncured smoked bacon. The Big Green Egg is warming up now. My intent is to cook the steaks slowly @ 225 or so until internal hits 115*; then I'll plate them temporarily, crank the egg up to 650*, and "Maillard reaction" the heck out of the outside, until the internal hits 130*.

    OK, here's the rundown and pictures. (edit, gimme a minute while I resize 'em.)

    Here are the seasoned steaks. There's a bit too much seasoning on them; I wiped them off with a paper towel before grilling. Still, you get an idea of the size of the cook.


    On the Egg, at about 250*. This was at the turn. I was experiencing "temperature rebound" the whole cook, but it didn't seem to matter much. Swings were from 210 to 300. Yeah, that's an onion holding the oven probe. We were out of potatoes. This step took a while, even with the meat starting at room temp; maybe 15 minutes. I pulled them when the internal temp hit 115*.


    Boppin' the Egg up. Steaks are off to the side, on a platter. Notice how far off the thermometer is on the Egg, about 5%.


    Steaks on the fire. Booyah. MAYBE 2 minutes a side. Turned then at 122*, pulled at 130*.


    Finished product:


    Medium rare:


    How easy was this? Pretty damn easy. The meat was literally fork tender, it cut like an omelet. Tenderloin is pretty tender anyhow; this really highlighted the cut's strength. For me, if it's easy and the food tastes good, there's nothing else to consider. I'm doing all my steaks this way from now on.
  2. africanmeat

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    It looks yummy soft and juicy well done
  3. rbranstner

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    I love doing a reverse sear. Great looking Steaks.
  4. That looks totally awesome.  [​IMG]  

    Where does one get beef paste?
  5. thunderdome

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    Great lookin finished pic. That looks like a high quality steak
  6. smokinal

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    Awesome!   [​IMG]
  7. You could serve that at any steakhouses around here no problem. Looks fantastic.
  8. What is the benefit of the reverse sear? Don't you sear first to hold the juices in?
  9. cowgirl

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    Looks perfect!  That's the only way I do my steaks.. they come out so moist and tender with a touch of smokey goodness. [​IMG]
  10. meateater

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    Great looking plate! [​IMG]

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