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  1. My daughter decided she wanted to make breakfast sausage links. She went out and bought the meat grinder and stuffer attachment for her new Kitchenaid. She has a recipe from the club she works at that she wants to try. She is a pastry chef so this is something different for her.  Just bought 7 pounds of pork shoulder. Bought casing in salt. What is the best way to start with these casings? I see a different way for every article I read. Soak for how long before using? Any other tips would be appreciated. For tonight we are just going to do a pound of meat with the seasoning and pan fry to see how we like the taste of the meat.

    They came out great for our first try. We didnt know the difference between the size of casings. These are huge for a breakfast link. We will ask at the butcher next time for the right ones.
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  2. lots of different ways, i just put my casings on to soak in warm water before i ever begin grinding mixing or anything. i'm slow so they have plenty of time to soak, usually have minimum of 45 minutes of soaking. i've never used the vinegar soak. i've seen it referenced on here several times, but never used it. grinder on the KA is pretty good for small batches. I'm actually getting ready to do some chicken brats in sheep casings. got young girls and a hog cased brat is bigger than their mouths. [​IMG]as far as the stuffer tube for on the grinder, it will work, but it can be very frusterating and slow but it will get the job done. if you enjoy making it at the end of the day, a dedicated stuffer is PRICELESS. grizzly still has em on sale at $65.

    i'm sure someone more smarter than me will be along shortly with more info.

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    Soak the casings for several hrs, while soaking.... run some water through them and message them  a couple of times to. soften them up....try to get them silky smooth if possible

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    I thought i was the only one who did that [​IMG]
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    Better yet?

    If you have young'uns in the house?  Get a big bowl.  Put the casings in the bowl.  Turn on the water.  Then show them how to run the water through the casings in the bowl.

    They will have a ball playing with the snakes.  And it gets them out of your hair for a while?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. Thanks for the help. There were so many ways found to deal with them but I like going with the experience here. Did some looking on youtube last night. They make it look so easy but I told her I think this is going to be hilarious attempting to stuff these things. We made a pound and fried it up to try out the flavor. It was fantastic. 
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    Text message?  [​IMG]

    This is the same process I use, although I only massage the larger pork casings, not the smaller, more delicate sheep casings.

  8. Sounds like a plan and congrats on her interest! I soak mine like Rick and Joe. The first ones I had were salt packed so I took out what I needed and rinsed the salt off real good with warm water before soaking them. 
  9. LOL....Why didn't I ever think of that......[​IMG]

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