First Run with new OKJ Longhorn

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by richjt92, Oct 5, 2013.

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    After a test burn last week, which I was able to get a good range of temperatures 225-300 degrees...I fired up the my new OKJ Longhorn today...

    Imitation being the highest form of flattery, I modified it with the HD Gate Latches and used a elbow to get the smoke down to the grate level.  Here is a photo of the OKJ....

    I used Kingsford Charcoal and Mesquite wood chunks had had a hard time getting the smoker up to temperature....and today was a warmer day than when I did my test burn....Strange...

    Had few leaks which I need to seal, which should help my heat control....but overall I am pleased....

    Here are the results:

    The pork spare ribs cooked using a simple dry rub and the 3-2-1 method and actually the meat fell off the bone before the last step....

    The Brisket is at hour 11 on the smoker and is sitting at 172 degrees (I am shooting for 190)....the smoker temp is around 240 degrees....the internal temp sat at 161 for about 3 hours, but is moving up now....I think I just broke through the brisket stall....

    I am waiting on my convection plate and charcoal cage from Horizons....can't wait to see how they will help...

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    Nice pit and the ribs are looking Good too!
  3. richjt92

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    The Ribs fell off the bone and were awesome...I used a little squeeze Parkay along with some apple juice when I wrapped them.

    I did notice a good bit of leakage around the firebox, so I sealed the gaps from the outside with Permetex Red Sealant and then top sprayed it with some 1000* Rustoleum Grill paint.

    As expected I got some discoloration on the firebox and lid close to the firebox, but this is most likey caused by the charcoal grate being too close to the bottom of the firebox....the spray grill paint fixed it right up. I am going to rotate the grill grate 90 degrees to get it up higher or use some small bricks to raise it up for better air flow.

    I pulled the brisket off at 185* so that the internal temp would make it to 190* for slicing and that seemed to work...but next time I am going to get it up to a full 190-195* and most likely use Cherry Wood versus Mesquite for smoke and use Oak to keep the fire going.

    I had a guy knock on my door and ask if the smoker was for sale or if I was selling my BBQ...and I did some neighborhood detante and gave some of the brisket away to the they want to know when I am going to fire it up next so they can throw a pork tenderloin on...

    Still fine tuning it...but so far it has worked great!!!

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    turn the fire gate 90 degrees and then take the other 2 unused ones from the smoke chamber out.

    Take one and lay it next to the one turned.

    Take the other one and lay it across the other way creating a cross hatch pattern.

    You have just improved your firegrate without spending a penny.

    I also laid a piece of 1/4" steel on the bottom of the firebox for the ashes to fall on so they dont sit right on the bottom of the firebox. You can also use a cut down cookie sheet or a foil pan

    that will prevent the paint on the bottom from burning

    nice looking cook!! I love my OK Joe!!
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