First Run Pics. Ribs and Beer Can Chicken

Discussion in 'Pork' started by fireanda45, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. I tried posting pics a while back but it wouldn't work on my phone.  Beer can chicken and 2 slabs of St. Louis ribs (1 foiled and 1 not).  These were the first things I have ever smoked and was just hoping they would be edible and provide a starting point.  Ribs turned out real good.  A bit sweet for my liking but I was thrilled that all I have to do is tweak my preferences now.  Right around 5 hours with a light apple juice spritz every 45 min. or so.  Brushed them with Stubbs sauce toward the end.  Tried keeping the temps around 230 as best I could.  My smoker is an Old Country Wrangler offset so temp control with come with practice.  Chicken wasn't bad but the breast meat was a bit dry.  I'm figuring a hotter smoke with chicken will get the beer steaming more and help that issue.  My wife said it made great chicken salad.  Dark meat was juicy.  Wood was oak with some cherry mixed in.  Here's to hoping I can actually post pics...ha!

  2. Hello FireandA45.  Looks like a GREAT first smoke to me.  Just my opinion but sealing any leaks you might have in your offset will help with temp control.  You're hook now my friend.  Keep Smokin!

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    It looks great to me!


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