First run at Hot Smokey Hens

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by kansasqueball, May 9, 2010.

  1. First things first. I have to apologize for the poor photo quality. We had been at our daughters horse show yesterday, and noticed almost all of the pictures came out blurry. We're needing a new camera. So, I took the pics for this post with my camera phone, and they didn't really come out any better. Sorry.

    Anyway, for Mother's day I decided to do up a country style chicken dinner for the wife; she did give me two beautiful daughters after all. A couple of birds is the least I could do. This was my first attempt at whole chickens, and I decided to do them beer can stlye. The menu included smoked chickens, country style green beans, garlic buttered corn, baked beans, and King's Hawaiian rolls. For the appetizer I stole an idea I saw on a post about a week ago and smoked some bacon wrapped teriyaki mushrooms. Here's the appetizer, they were delicious:

    I brined the birds in a modified Slaughterhouse brine. I didn't have celery seed, so I used celery salt, and I added about 1/4 cup of lemon juice. After about four hours in the brine I drained, rinsed and patted them dry. Then rubbed them down real good on top of the skin and under it with a slurry of canola oil and lemon pepper seasoning. I added two cloves of crushed garlic and a generous splash of orange juice and Worcestershire sauce to each beer can before violating the hens with them. Here they are going into the smoker:

    While maintaining a temp between 250 and 275 using cherry and hickory chunks I spritzed them about every 30 to 45 minutes with a mix of Cap'n Morgan's, apple juice, teriyaki sauce, water, and a splash of cider vinegar. Here they are about half way through:

    When I pulled them from the smoker they were at 163 degrees and 168 degrees. Here is the finished product:

    And here is a plate of good eatin':

    The skin didn't crisp up, but me and wifey didn't really care. My girls were really bummed out; they loves them some crispy chicken skin. The meat was delicious. Moist and tender with a wonderful smoky flavor. I will definitely be putting smoked beer can chicken into the regular menu rotation at our house.

    Thanks for looking.

    P.S. Any hints on how to produce a crispy skin when smoking beer can chicken would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
  2. bigdale

    bigdale Fire Starter

    I normally toss them on the gas grill for a bit to crisp them up beer can and all to keep them moist. Generally speaking mine come out of the smoker somewhat crispy as I rub them down with a little butter before I start and smoke them a bit on the hot side.
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    Can anyone tell me how the hell to post a new thread? I've looked all over and can't seem to find the right place.

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  4. fire it up

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    Pics looked fine, long as you can see the tastiness [​IMG]

    If you can run your smoker at 300-325 then that will help you with a crisp chicken skin.
  5. rdknb

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    that looks like a fine mothers day dinner
  6. ellymae

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    I second that.
    Crank up the heat just a bit and your skin will crisp up.
  7. rbranstner

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    I agree just kick up the heat at the end and it will crisp up your skin.
  8. meateater

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    It all looks great, I bet Mama's happy.
  9. douge

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    Tasty looking birds. Ya done good. [​IMG]
  10. rstr hunter

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    Looks good. I rub mine with olive oil before the rub then near the end turn the temp up to 300 for about the last 30 minutes to crisp up the skin. Isn't perfect, but better. Otherwise if you finish on the grill you should get there.

    By the way, I sent the guy above an email how to start this. FYI.

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