First Run at Baby Back Ribs in my Master Forge

Discussion in 'Pork' started by islanderjsf, May 22, 2011.

  1. Well I decided to give some ribs a go today in my Master Forge.  This is my second use of the smoker and first attempt at ribs.

    I went with the 2-2-1 method and had a heck of a time getting my Master Forge to temp.   It spent a good amount of time between 205 and 215 degrees.   What is really odd to me is that when I pulled the ribs to foil them (I gave them 2.5 hours since the temp was a little low), the temp in my smoker jumped right up to about 245.   I did the second two hours in the oven just to use the time to work on the smoker temp.

    After I got it pretty stable at 235 I was equally shocked when I put the ribs back in to see the temp drop to 205 again and have a hard time moving up.  

    I am 100% certain the probe was not touching meat but I did place it in between the two racks of ribs.  I use a Maverick thermometer which has a clip to attach the barbeque probe.  I attached the clip to the underside of the top rack hosting ribs which put it in between the two racks of ribs.  I assumed this would be a good place to read the temp.  I wonder if that could have been an issue since it was directly below a rack of ribs 1 inch above the probe.  The brisket I did two weeks back had no issues with getting to 250 easily.

    Anyway, I also had to brave some hail and heavy rain showers for the last hour.    Ultimately I think I yet again pulled too early as my ribs did not pull back as much on the bone as I would have liked and while they were very moist, they could have been more tender for sure.

    I didn't see too many references to cooking with an internal meat temp for ribs so I didn't even use the meat probe.   I just tried to stick to the 2-2-1 but with my low temp, I probably didn't give them enough time.   If there is a suggested meat temp for baby backs I would be interested in knowing it. 

    Some pics....


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    They sure look good!   [​IMG]
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    They look good here!!

     Keep trying!!


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