First Roll of a Fattie

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  1. Making my way through the smoking world here and it came time to trying my hand at some fatties.  I made two different kinds.  Two cheeseburger style (mustard, katsup, pickles, & shredded cheese) with one in a bacon weave.  Then two others with 90/10 lean ground beef with spinach, garlic, goat cheese and green chilies.  The bacon wrapped one was of course the best but the spinach/goat cheese was pretty tasty also.

    The bacon weave done by my son.

    Spinach and goat cheese


    All wrapped, seasoned and ready to go.

    The two cheeseburger fatties resting

    Spinach and goat cheese resting

    Cheeseburger ready to be eaten.  

    And last but not least, chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

  2. They all look good  [​IMG]   I bet you make more fatties soon  [​IMG]   The dessert looks good as well - nice job  [​IMG]
  3. they look very tasty ,i think i will use goat's cheese in my next creation 

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