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  1. Hey guys, the following is my rib adventure. 2nd smoke on this pit.

    Memphis style rub with a few tweaks.

    I'm a big fan of Coleman's mustard, so mixed up a batch to spread on the meat

    Trimmed up

    Rubbed and ready for the fridge.

    Homemade BBQ sauce ready to serve on the side.

    One question, how long before smoking should I rub the ribs? I did them about 3 hours before hand this time.
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  2. It's a personal preference. I use a fair amount of salt in my rub so I don't put it on till shortly before the ribs go in the smoker - I don't want to pull too much moisture out...  Your best bet is to play around for a few smokes & see what you like best - take good notes so you have them to refer back to for what worked well & what didn't  [​IMG]
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  3. tonybel

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    I always do it while my smoker is coming up to temp. Experiment and see what you like.

  4. Everything came out great, although I think the sausages were a little over done, and the ribs could have been a little more tender, but the meat separated from the bone nicely. Next time ill try the 3-2-1 method.

    I'm still having problems regulating the temperature. I started with a nice bed of coals this time, had to wait an hour for the temp to drop from 350, and tried adding small chunks to the sides so they could smolder. Temp dropped to 180 using that method. So I switched to putting a larger log directly on the coals, which worked better. I also may need to raise my fire grate up a bit as it seems to be getting congested with ash and impeding airflow.
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  5. millerk0486

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    Looks like it turned out good! I have applied my rub as early as the night before or as late as just an hour before, and in my opinion, there has not been any noticeable differences between the two methods.

    in regards to your temp issues, you want space for your charcoal ashes to fall and do not want your charcoals to bury themselves in the ash. You will quickly lose temp. I struggled with that on my first smoker.
  6. hambone1950

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    A pork butt I will rub the night before. Ribs I usually rub as the fire gets hot. :grilling_smilie:
  7. Thanks. I'll see if I can make a modification to move my grate up a few inches.
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    I apply my rubs right before I put the meat on the smoker. The only exception to that is when I am smoking somewhere where prep might be tricky such as a campground or if I don't know what the prep area is going to be. I also don't use mustard or oil as a binder. Question could you taste the mustard you applied? I've found I can't when I have unless I add it as a dry component in the rub.
  9. tonybel

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    Looks good to me.
  10. I put the rub on my ribs the night before I smoke them. It adds better flavour, I have found.


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