First Ribs on the pellet grill.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by shtrdave, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Made my first ribs on the Rec Tec it today, had 2 slabs of BB they were not great ones from the start, I was in a store the other week and there was boxes of BB ribs 10 pound for 25.00 so I bought a box they looked to be seconds or something. You couldn't see that with them wrapped in the box, there were about 6 slabs in there frozen. I broke down the box and vac packed them into 3 packs. Took them out and took off the membrane, seasoned and left rest a bit while I got the AMNPS fired up. then on the RT at 225 2 hours in I wrapped one with some apple cider I had (first time wrapping ribs) then back on for an hour temp up to 240 after an hour unwrapped and back on bumped temp to 275 for another hour and it was time to eat. They were both good the wrapped ones were a little more done and tender but both came from the bone clean. next time will try this a gain one of each and maybe cook a bit longer.

  2. 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 at 225 seems to be tried and true. Maybe you will come up with the next big thing. Go forth and enjoy. :yahoo:
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    3-2-1 you cannot go wrong. I did 8 racks of ribs last weekend and had to use my fish spatula to take them off grate. Steady temp 225 on UDS.

    I did not take membrane off when prepping. I pulled it off after the 3 hours (bone side down) and came off quick and easy. I used a thin vinegar based sauce on the 2, and thick sauce on the 1.

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