First ribs on my Weber Kettle

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  1. So I have been using my new grill as often as the wife will allow it and everything has turned out wonderful so far. This past weekend she asked if I would smoke her mom some ribs since she had been requesting them for a while so I took the opportunity to try something new and give it a shot on my Weber Kettle. Long story short, it turned out great and I didn't have to bother firing up my UDS. This is the first time I have cooked/smoked anything with no thermometers other than what is in the lid of the grill.

    This was my set up, went for indirect heat and put a little barrier up to help with that. I have since modified a baking tray that slides down into the grate for a more permanent solution.

    It was actually really easy, only having to add a handful of coals every hour or so. Really low maintenance. After about 3 hours I put them in a foil pan with some juice (melted butter, some vinegar based sauce I made a while back, a little molasses, little OJ, and a little water. Then wrapped up tight and left to cook for another hour or so. When they were nice and tender, I dumped the coals out of the basket and seared them off for a couple minutes then left them to "dry out" and bark up for another 30-45 minutes. 

    This rack was a little fattier than I prefer but not sure if that is from cooking at a higher temp for less time and not giving the fat long enough to render out. It was only the middle few though, I will say that they were the juciest that I have had in a while.

    At the end of the day, Mother in law was happy which made Wife happy... which makes me happy. And I got ribs so win-win.
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    Very innovative and those look very nice! Looks like it was a great day for you all around!

    Happy wife, happy life! LOL

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