First Ribs on my new Kamado Joe Big Joe

Discussion in 'Pork' started by volsfan, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. volsfan

    volsfan Fire Starter

    Just got my new smoker yesterday and smoking some Easter ribs today. Got one slab of baby backs and one slab of St. Luis Spares. I used my normal rub on the baby backs and just salt, pepper and garlic powder on the spares. Got the cooker set up for 270 deg and will just let them cook for 4 hours then check and see how they are doing. I'll post some pics later.

    Happy Easter all!!!!
  2. volsfan

    volsfan Fire Starter

    Here is a pic of the Big Joe with the CyberQ hooked up. Didn't open the lid for 4 hours. Temp never moved more than + / 2 deg.

     And here are the ribs, baby backs are cut up, spares are not.

  3. tomarsyd

    tomarsyd Newbie

    Total noob on the site here, you get my first post.  The Big Joe is what I'm considering.

    Ribs look great!  So how did they taste?
  4. volsfan

    volsfan Fire Starter

    Turned out great. Did two more racks on Saturday, best I have ever done. Really moist and just the right tenderness. Very easy to cook on this beast. I love it so far. Doing a pork shoulder this weekend. I will try to post some pics.

    Get it, you will love it.
  5. tomarsyd

    tomarsyd Newbie

    Sounds awesome.  One day I'll have a Joe on my back deck!

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