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  1. I am having this built for me.  I don't have the knowledge or tools to do it myself.  :)  Here are some pics on the progress.  The Smoking Chamber is 24x42 and the firebox is 20x20x18.  It is 1/8 sheet metal and it is completely double walled and insulated so I don't have to worry so much about the rainy season here in WA that we have 9 months out of the year.

    Had the tubes rolled and delivered:

    Building the smoker chamber:

    Building the firebox:

    attaching the chimney:

    Standing her up:

    attaching the firebox:

    Putting on the door:

    Coming along.

    She isn't done yet...still need some shelves and the grates, thermometers and other minor parts and pieces.  But there she is.
  2. Hello.  Nice looking rig.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Wanted to post some updated pictures.  She is pretty much done now just needs to go in for paint.  Here is a pic or two of the full rig up during a test burn we did (no food) so we could check for leaks, issues with air flow, etc.

    Here we are going over the setup

    This is after about 3 to 4 hours of burn..we decided to modify the snake to ensure the channels are all even but overall I was happy with the performance.

    tossing some wood chunks on for fun

    Smoke it Baby!  (my alien happy face!)

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    ...Thumbs Up... Looks good.... looks like you have it operating with the exhaust stack closed.... am I seeing that right.... Dave
  5. I think that angle is deceptive.  I had literally just gotten it drafting properly when I threw the wood chunks on, so everything was wide open at that point.  We discovered a couple of problems with airflow leaks that had to be welded closed (thus the test burn prior to painting), we also discovered some problems with the charcoal snake that are being addressed as well.  Once I did have it going I followed the advice I had seen on here.  Close the vent halfway, wait 15 minutes and see where the temp is, then adjust halfway again...wait 15...etc.  I am going to have to go through the whole process of getting it dialed in all over now that we have all the airflow leaks fixed.  Once I get it dialed in, I will take pics of everything and post them.  :)

  6. Here is the final product.  I just got her two weeks ago and Seasoned the inside and grates with Flax seed oil 2 Sundays ago.  And then the dang rain started and hasn't stopped since.  I did get a nice 8 hour burn out of the charcoal snake while I was doing the seasoning, so I was pretty impressed with that considering I was running her way hotter than I would for doing BBQ (up around 400 degrees).  Really looking forward to some BBQ weather.  :) 

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