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Discussion in 'Pork' started by kampmann17, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys hope all is well with you all.  I am officially smoking something of substance today.  I just put in my first 6.6lb pork butt @ 5:30am.  I am giving this a shot around 235 -250 degrees. I am currently enjoying a morning coffee and scrolling through posts trying to plan what my next move is.  The AMNTS is starting to give off that nice TBS.  The Maverick is telling me a temp 237 degrees with a meat temp of only 32 degrees.  I did take it out of the fridge this morning so, that is probably not too far off. I do have a quick question. 

    1. Should I reload the pellets on the AMNTS if I run out in the estimated 4 hours?

    2. Being that I do want to have this for dinner, should I up the temp to 250/275?

    Starting Off Pics...

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  2. Update 8:00am 

    Temps holding great at 235 -240.  I thought when the sun came up it would heat up the smoker, but not yet.  Meat temp is 90.  Only looked once to see how it looked/smoke level.  

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    Lookin good ! Thumbs Up
  4. Thanks!   The paprika really makes that look bright red.  

    Most posts I have read indicate I only need smoke through half of the smoke. Do you guys think that should be the goal or should I refill my AMNTS once it runs out?  I am using Hickory too.  Thanks for the assistance.  
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    I've always been the mindset that if I have somethin in the smoker, I've got some smoke going ! What kind of smoker ? Ya plan on wrapping ? If ya wrap, I personally don't but there's a bunch of folks that do.... No right or wrong way & who knows I may get a wild hair one day & wrap ! LOL. Ya would not need smoke if ya wrap...
  6. I have been reading and I do not think I will foil this time.  I am a little worried about drying out the meat, but trial and error is in play here.  

    It looks really good in there.  I think I have about half of my AMNTS pellets left.  The temps started to rise of 250, so I just made the adjustment down. I gotta leave for a bit, so I am hoping no flare ups.  
  7. [​IMG]

    So Far--So Good.

    As to the amount of smoke, that be a personal choice.

    I like a heavy smoke taste, the BOSS likes much less...[​IMG]

    Take a wild guess who wins on that.[​IMG]

    Good luck on your smoke.
  8. I smoke the whole time the meat is in.  Some will tell you meat doesn't take smoke after 4 hours but I do not believe that one bit. 

    what was your internal temp at 4 hours?

  9. I started at 5:30am in is now 11:30am.  6 hours in I am at 153.  I think at 4 hours I was around 130.  Does that sound accurate or at least where it should be?

     I am still maintaining around 230 - 250 temps.  I think it smells great, but the wife thinks the house smells like a campfire. [​IMG]  

    BTW the AMNTS is still producing smoke; Pretty happy with that.  

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  10. Looking good so far!!!    Loving the color on that Butt

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    Keep up the good work
  12. Getting close.  Been going for 9.5 hrs.  Starting to wonder if we are going to make 190/195 with any time to rest it.  We are at 171 on the Maverick.  Took the opportunity to relight the AMNTS, but thinking I should foil right now.  I was not planning of foiling after a fierce debate with myself.  Still not sure won that argument yet.  I have the smoker slightly higher right now I think because the water evaporated all the way.  Only used water for a bit of the smoke, 2 hrs.  Just didn't want to get dry.  So, just trying to be brave here and go for the whole smoke and crossing fingers that it turns out good.  

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    Hang in there man. It's done when it's done.
  14. Thanks for that... my personality is not the patient kind.  So, I kinda need this in my life, slow down and appreciate the work kinda thing.  
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    There is usually enough fat/marbling in a pork butt to keep it from drying out, unless you REALLY overcook it. Looks like your drip pan is collecting some nice drippings. Be sure to add some of that back after you pull it. If there's enough, I would add a little back in as you foil for the rest & then add some more back in after you actually pull the butt apart. You could also freeze some in ice cube trays if you have enough & have  it on hand to add to other dishes you might make in the house for that nice, smoky flavor. If you can separate the fat from the drippings, then you can keep that in the refrigerator & use it like lard or bacon grease for cooking & such. I didn't wrap the one I recently did, as it powered through the stall in about an hour & a half. If I would have been stuck for more than a couple of hours though, I would have wrapped. I really like the bark you get from not wrapping & I don't think it would have been much juicier with the foil, either.

  16. Again, Thanks for everything here.  We made it to 190 on the maverick.  I am gonna give it a few more minutes and  pull it for a good rest.  I will post picks after that here in a bit.  The paitence and anticipation have to be the worst part about smoking, however, eating it (I hope) will make up for it.  Talk to you guys soon.
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    Hey man, don't miss the point of great Q ! It's awesome to eat somethin ya smoked.... But the one thing bout great Q is everything involved... The prep, the smoke & the finish.... But the in between.... now that's the experience.... Sitting around with great folks, maybe toss back & brew or two.... Chat bout the week or just life in general.... Check on your Q ever now and then, but rushing it.... No way... Enjoy ! I mean, really enjoy.... Take a few to Q man !
  18. Wow, what a day. I enjoyed myself and the Q. Final results turned out a solid "good" rating. I think I have some things to work on, patience being one of them. Regardless, it still turned out to be good food. The bark was a little spicy due to a ingredient in the rub. I thought it was still good. It has been a long day. I will update more tomorrow.

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    Congrats man, looks real nice ! Thumbs Up If we can be of help for your next "Q Venture" Just ask ! Nice smoke ! :yahoo:
  20. A couple more pics for you guys. Also some lessons learned. I definitely know now to go closer to 2 hrs a pound if you plan on cooking below 250. I didn't notice the stall, but I do recall a lot of time in the 160 range. Gonna write down a time stamp and temp next time. Also be careful with the rub if you substitute a high temp spice in your rub. I added a medium hot chili powder and the bark was a little spicy for wife/kids. This was great fun.


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