First Rack, 3-2-1

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokelesswonder, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. smokelesswonder

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    Picked up a rack yesterday and did a pretty rookie job of trimming it up. Could have chopped off a bit more to "square" it up.

    Managed to keep the grate temp right around 230 with a little fluctuation. I wouldn't use the same rub again, it was a Mccormick pork rub. Really need to get dual thermometers and dial in a nie even temp across the grate. Using a COS.
    On the grill 8am sharp

    Not quite sure what I will change the next go, they're ok. But will definitely benefit from more research. I'm thinking a baffle is going to help, you can see one end got a but more heat and was too overdone, falling apart.
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  2. Looks tasty man. Did you wrap?
  3. smokelesswonder

    smokelesswonder Fire Starter

    Yep, with some apple juice
  4. b-one

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    I think it's good to start with racks cut in two or three parts. You can try different styles of cooking and rubs,it takes a little experimenting to find what you like not to mention it's a lot of fun!
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  5. smokelesswonder

    smokelesswonder Fire Starter

    That's where I decided the one thing that will definitely change is the rub :)
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  6. gonavy

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    Looks good, I usually use Jeff's rub I do 2-2-1 ...I spray with apple juice every 30 mins or so, when I wrap I use squeeze butter, honey and sprinkle with dark brown sugar and place it meat side down, then back on with bone side down, (save the juice from the wrap it makes a good dip sauce).  I usually do one rack dry and the other with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce during that last hour.  If you want less fall off the bone, cut back on the wrap time to one and half hours.
  7. smokelesswonder

    smokelesswonder Fire Starter

    I will definitely try that. I used sweet baby rays on this rack. I love that stuff. Definitely sounds like most of the improvement could be made during the wrap. Spritzing is probably another thing I should throw in
  8. uncle eddie

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    The ribs look good!  There were some good comments above as well.

    I tend to be more of a yellow mustard, salt, pepper, garlic powder - and maybe paprika sometimes for asomething a little different.  I do both 3:2:1 or just smoked until done.  

    Most times I serve the ribs naked (just tossing out another option) because my family members each prefers their own unique sauce (raspberry chipotle, sticky-pig, mustard based sauces, Sweet Baby Rays Wing Sauce, etc.)  

    That's right - my wife likes SBR wing sauce on her ribs - lol.
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  9. tbonejack

    tbonejack Fire Starter

    Looks really good.

    I'm trying ribs for the first time next Saturday on my new WSM.  I plan to do a rack of spares, and a rack of baby backs.  I'll use Jeff's rub and the 3-2-1 method for spares, and 2-2-1 for baby backs.  I can't wait.

    Do you like your ribs cooked to "fall off the bone", or a little less tender?
  10. smokelesswonder

    smokelesswonder Fire Starter

    I like to have to bite them off the bone if that makes sense, but no meat sticking to the bone. These were almost like pulled pork they got so tender
  11. smokinal

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    The ribs look great!

    Nice job on your first try!

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