First Q'Vue: First Smoke, First Fatty; Philly, Cheeseburger

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by tanuki, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. tanuki

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    After a smoking hiatus, I let the Dear Wife know I wanted a propane smoker.  DW got me a MB 30" propane for Christmas.  In an effort to say thanks to her and win the hearts and minds of the children, I decided to do up a couple fatties.

    The kids are picky eaters, but they love cheeseburgers.  No problem, Cheeseburger Fatty coming up.  DW loves Philly Cheesesteaks and I saw a post by wndrrd that looked amazing.

    I elected to go with more of a traditional Philly cheese steak meat and did thin sliced ribeye.

    I got my green peppers, Onions, and extra steak going in the pan;

    then go my weave going!  Achievement Unlocked! First Bacon Weave!

    Provolone and fixins;

    Rolled that and did up the Cheeseburger Fatty.  Put 1/4lb crispy bacon in with 3/4 block of cream cheese, added a bunch of cheddar, and rolled it!

    Ready to go!

    Did a Pillsbury Pizza Crust with more cheese for the Philly Fattie.

    And, What you have been waiting for... THE MONEY SHOTS!

    I was really happy with how they turned out.  The best part is the in-laws dropped by just as the fatties were coming out of the smoker.  They got a taste and want me to start smoking for family events.  "Honey, before we go to your sister's kid's birthday, I better smoke a fatty or two!"

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  2. ralphed

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    Thanks for posting.

    I've been wanting to try fatties. Now I have 2 ideas to try. Plus I think I'll do something similar to the loco smoco with kielbasa. I wish I had some homemade kraut, Guess I'll have to make a batch of that, too.

  3. inferno12

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    These look fantastic!!!  I might have to try these [​IMG]
  4. tanuki

    tanuki Newbie

    I hadn't thought of that! Kielbasa and Kraut Fattie?!? Post Q'view when you get it done!  That sounds great!!
  5. dirtsailor2003

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  6. tanuki

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    Those look amazing.  I need to start a personal recipe book to keep track of the fatties I have had and what I want to try!
  7. crazymoon

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    Very nice ,good lookers !

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