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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rtclac, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. rtclac

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    Hey Guys- Started two 9+ lbs prok shoulders this am(4:30am) and using my GOSM- everything was going well until the skies opened up and benn raining for a few hours. The Maverick got a little screwy but seems to be back on track and the sun jsut came out. Butts have been on for 8-9 hours and meat temp is hovering around 147. The smoker has been running from 225- 250 and I am wondering why the meat temp moves so sloooowwwly?
    Been spraying and this opens door a bit but let me know if I have any problem? Plan to follow the method on sticky and wrap at 165 and then go till 195 after that. If time becimes an issue( have neighbors coming at 6pm) then will go to oven for final cooking.
  2. bmudd14474

    bmudd14474 Guest

    It will get slow around this temp. Be patient. It will get to your target. I experienced the same thing the first time I did a shoulder. Almost all meat will hit a plateau. For a 9lb chuck you can expect 13-14 hours on the smoker.
  3. jond

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    I agree, i have one that has been sat at 149 for about half an hour. Once it starts rising again it should move upwards quite steadily.

    Good luck :) It will be worth the wait.

  4. rtclac

    rtclac Newbie

    thanks for the comments- I alos have been using the thermometer on the door of the GOSM- I know it's unreliable but will be purchasing another maverick very soon! this is possibly why the temp climbs so slow- now at 154- I just put an oven themometer in the smoker and will see how it compares to teh temp on the door- my bet is that the door temp gauge is reading low
  5. krusher

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    congrats on your first pulled pork! You have hit the plateu, It's not uncommon to even loose a degree or two when it happenns, but it's a good thing because that is when all the fat and connective tissue is absorbing the heat that the meat already has and it will start to break down, giving you a more tender piece of meat. As for the guage I was suprised to find that mine was less that 5 degrees off when compared to my maverick ET-73. Maybe yours will be the same.
  6. rtclac

    rtclac Newbie

    now reading 160- the rain has started again big time! I was enjoying a good cigar and a drink, reading a book and then floods from the sky! question is about how long from 160 to 195 when I pull them out? I plan to wrap at 165 and then get to 195
  7. daboys

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    It's taken me anywhere from 2-4 hrs. I like to keep track of the times on all my butts I do.

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