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Discussion in 'Pork' started by lucky2163, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Finally tried my first pork shoulder yesterday and it turned out great.  I had trouble keeping the grill temp down - too much charcoal I think.  Meat steadily rose over the first six hours, then I finally got the grill temp to drop, but too low.  Meat stalled for quite some time but I cranked the heat back up and finally removed the shoulder at 197 deg.  Wrapped in foil and let it rest for about 45 minutes and it pulled like a dream.  Carolina style sauce, cole slaw and cornbread (and cold berr, of course!).

    I WILL be doing more!


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  2. humdinger

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    Wow! Awesome pics and delicious looking grub. What rub did you use?
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    Hey Lucky


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    Hey Cael

    Of course you need to post (with qview)--that's how we survive between smokes.  LOL

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    Mike that looks great,I did one on Monday also,I should have posted the plated shot.

  6. Heh.    Well, if I must.  ;)

    It was my first long smoke.     A 6.5 lb and a 9.7 lb.     Mustard base and a rub from a specialty store I like to support.    

    Started popped them both in at 5 PM on Friday night.   Apple and hickory for 6 hours.   Struggled with temp due to so much cold meat, but averaged out about 225.

    Checked them at 11:00 pm (time for bed).    Put the probes in, and little guy was 160, big guy 153.     Safe now, so turned it down to 200 (Maverick temp.   MES said 230)   so that I could get some shut eye.   Bark was much nicer on the upper one, but I needed the pan to catch the juices, and my smoker is too small for any other arrangement.

    Little Butt hit 205 degrees at about 09:00 the next morning (16 hours). I upped the temp back up to (Maverick) 235 at 07:30 now that I could watch it.  Pulled it, quadruple wrapped in foil (hate leaks) and put in a cooler to wait for his big brother.)    Big guy came off at 2:00 PM (21 hours), and joined the other guy in the cooler.

    Let them rest another hour and then pulled in my new giant bowl from Costco.   Bones came out clean, a little tug on the big guy, but still clean.     Meat was so moist and tender, but a little plain for me.   So I used a version of Jeff's finishing sauce (modified for ingredients on hand) and sprinkled generously with the Rub.   Then it  was perfect.     Smoke amount was just right too.

    Sorry, no plate view.   I would have had to start slapping hands as people grabbed it up and wolfed it down.   [​IMG]
  7. Looks delicious, Cael!
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    Did u keep all the juice? If you put it in a bowl, put in fridge, then peel off the fat that rises, what's left underneath is pure gold...mix it back into the meat, oh man...never better....
  9. I'll have to try that next time!
  10. beefy bill

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    It's worth the effort 100 times over. So delicious!
  11. mummel

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    Very nice Q View!
  12. joe black

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    Looks really good. Lots of bark and good color. Keep up the good smoking, Joe.

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