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Discussion in 'Pork' started by gozz21, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. gozz21

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    My buddy and I are going to try smoke some pork tomorrow for supper.  I am going to buy a 7.5 pound pork butt and it is $15 at hy-vee.  I am not sure about prices but that sounds reasonable at 2 bucks a pound.  I have read the sticky on pulled pork and just want to ask a few clarifying questions.  I am going to smoke it at 230ish until it gets to 165 IT.  After that I quit making smoke and wrap it in foil and just leave it in there at 230 until the IT is 195-205 and then set it in towel in a cooler and let sit for at least an hour.  Do I need to trim any fat off the pork butt?  Should the fat be up or down and do I need to spray apple juice on it at all when it is smoking? Any other tips would be appreciated and there will be Q-view to follow up this post when we are finished.  Also how long on average does a 7.5 butt take to get to 200 IT?  Thanks for all the help.  
  2. raptor700

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    Yes you can let it rest for 1-5 hrs.

    I don't trim any fat, Fat = flavor.

    I score the fat in 1 in squares and smoke fat side up, no need to spritz if the fat cap is on top.

    I f it were me, I would allow 2 hrs per lb minimum. (17 hrs)

    Just my 2¢

    Hope this helps 
  3. gozz21

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    So if we want to eat around 6-7 tomorrow night we should be starting by 4 a.m.?  We don't need to eat at any certain time but around 7 or so would be nice.  Any other suggestions?  
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    Raptor nailed it.  Might not take 17 hours, but it'll be close (= roughly a 4-5 am start).  Depending on your rig and your schedule, you could start it at 11-12 at night and smoke through into the morning.  That puppy can rest in the cooler wrapped up for hours.  Then just pull and eat when dinner time comes.  Enjoy!
  5. raptor700

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     Yes, I would start very early to give lots of time.

    It will hold temps well in a cooler with towels if it's done early.

    Other suggestions would be, search Soflaquer finishing sauce, It's a nice way to finish off a a great butt.
  6. meateater

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    Your in good hands, don't forget the view. [​IMG]
  7. scarbelly

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    Like Raptor said, it is going  to take time. What is going to happen is called a stall. You are going to hit a temp and it could sit there for 2-3 hours before it moves again. I had a 10# stall on me for 4 hours and was about to surrender and stick it in the oven when it started moving again. 

    195 = slicing 205 pulling

    Good luck
  8. flash

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    Well, I have no problem trimming the fat. It really is not needed as pork butts seem to have plenty of fat. I use to do fat cap up for the basting effect. Isn't really needed. It also deters your formation of Bark, something you want on your butt, or most do anyway. I have started to remove most of the fat cap so I can apply more rub. More rub, more bark.

     As to time. Recently I did a 6 1/2 lber in 7 1/2 hours. After reaching 165º internal and wrapping in foil, I cranked up the heat to the high 290 area. It did not hurt the butt in any way, shape or form. Came out nice and juicy. If you end up pressed for time, give it a try.  And I would say more 180º for slicing and 195º and up for pulling.

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  9. gozz21

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    Should I apply smoke until it reaches 165 IT?  Is that too long or not enough?
  10. smokinal

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  11. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I usually do, but you need to figure your own taste. What one of us find as the right amount of smoke, might be too much for another member. Plus, depends on what woods you are smoking with. Some are much stronger than others.
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  12. gozz21

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    Right after we opened the foil when it reached 204 IT.  Smelled amazing.


    Here is the meat shredded.  It came out absolutely amazing.  We followed the steps and it was unbelievable.  


    Not a piece of meat left on the bone.  It basically slid right out when we were done.


    Meal time!!!!!!!
  13. gozz21

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    Qview is coming.  I posted the pictures but they said it was being held for a little bit because I am a new member here.  Anyways, we smoked a 8 pound butt and it took about 12 hours.  We smoked until 165 IT and then wrapped in foil and took it to 204 IT and let it rest for an hour in a cooler wrapped in towels.  When we took it out the meat just fell everywhere and the bone slid out clean as a whistle.  I just like to thank everyone for the hints and tips.  It was the best pulled pork I have ever ate and I had the joy of doing it myself.  Does anybody have tips on getting a better bark?  We rubbed our butt with mustard and then a basic pork rub from wal mart.  It had a decent bark but I have seen some pictures on here and the bark looks fantastic.  Any ideas?
  14. gozz21

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  15. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

     I think sugar in the rub is a must to form good bark, also the longer you can take the butt, without foiling, will give you better bark. No fat cap or fat cap down, will give you better bark. And another thing, higher temps in the early stages of the smoke can form better bark.
  16. gozz21

    gozz21 Newbie

    I will try that next time for more bark.  Thanks for all the help.

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