First pulled pork. Question about how many it feeds.

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  1. Smoking 2 eight pound butts. I usually do a brisket about 15 pounds and it can feed a lot if people. Do butts behave the same or do they shrink down more than beef? Can I expect to feed 30 people if I add chicken and sausage to spread the load?

  2. This is 4 hours in.
    11 hours in and temp is 167
  3. That looks great. That should be good for the crowd imo. Wwuth the chicken and sausage it should work. I cooked 3 at 8.5 each and 24.7# chicken and a small roast beef fir 60 people in July, it worked out great. Have a great smoke.
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    Pulled pork losses approx 20/25% of weigh from cooking and you can figure about 1/2 /lb/person so thats about 25 people on your butts. You should be fine.
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