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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinbobo, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. smokinbobo

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    I just seasoned my new gosm BB yesterday and want to try my first pulled pork this sunday for a party we are having. Anyone out there have any advice? Rubs, finishing sauses, ect? The sticky for the finishing sause I might use. It seems to be popular to put the rub on and put it in the fridge for a while. Yes/No? Thanks a lot
  2. bbq ron

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    yes, put rub on then in fridge over nite. that should be the only thing that i would do
  3. dmack

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    Definitely use the finishing sauce. I use the one by SoFlaQuer. Until I began using it I was a bit underwhelmed with my pulled pork. It really brings out the flavor. One tip, add it to the meat you will use immediately. You don't want your left overs to sit in the fridge with all that vinegar. It turns the meat mushy. Add more finishing sauce as you warm up left overs. Without exception my pulled pork gets better as leftovers. It just seems to get better. Not surprising, the leftovers go fast. I also spritzed the butt with an apple juice concentrate and Captain Morgan's mix. I begin when the meat hits 100 and then once an hour til done. Nice bark formation.

  4. billbo

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  5. bbrock

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    I remember the first pulled pork I done.I did not use a finishing sauce and it was good I thought..Then The next one I done I used the finshing souce and I could have kicked my self for not using it the fist time..Am new to the smoken game myself but I have got some good tips from some good people here in SMF.. They are always wanting to help out...Another big help or it is for me is the stickies that people post.. Hope you have a good smoke..
  6. bigsteve

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    McCormicks makes a nice Pork rub that you can get at the supermarket. Or if you like to do it yourself, there are lots of rub recipes here, and on Google to be found.

    If you're using a water smoker, you really don't need to mop the meat as if you are basting to keep the meat moist. However, you can add subtle flavors by basting. I used to baste Pork and Ribs with 3 parts Apple Juice and 1 Part rum. It was okay. But now I baste with cherry juice. It's so much better I'll never use Apple juice and rum again.

    I have not tried the finishing sauce in the sticky. Everyone raves about it, so it is on my list for sure. At this point, the best sauce I've had on pork is stuff I throw together myself. Sliced onions sauted in butter, garlic powder, touch of Cayenne, and about 2 parts (or slightly less) Catsup to 1 part Sweet BBQ sauce. I let it simmer on the stove for awhile then put it on the meat after it's been pulled. It does taste pretty good. I'm not big on a strong vinegar taste, so I've been slow to deviate from my own thrown together sauce.

    It's generally accepted to be best practice to put your rub on the night before. I've done it both ways, and haven't noticed a differance. I still try to do it the night before, to save myself some rushing around in the morning. I always seem to be running late when I'm starting a smoke.
  7. smokinbobo

    smokinbobo Fire Starter

    Ok thanks all-- I've used that common rub with the brown sugar/peperika ect before on a lot of other things and its always been good, so I guess I'll stick with what I know and use that finishing sause for sure. Thanks all I'll post pics on sunday[​IMG]
  8. You must try the finishing sauce sticky it really makes a difference. It sounds like other guys have you on the right track for the rub, and as said earlier try a spritz also. I use apple juice and Jim Beam and it works great. I just have to watch out for my daughter (little @#*%) was squirting it in her mouth last time I used it.
  9. smokinbobo

    smokinbobo Fire Starter

    heres another quesion, how would it work with basting the meat while it cooked with apple juice alone? I'm just asking because I have a gallon of it and no rum. Does it make that big of a difference with the rum? if so I can go pick some up. if so what type of rum? I'm not a rum drinker, so I'm not up on my rums. I saw capt morgan and jim bean mentioned before, but aren't there different types of rum? dark, spiced, ect? might seem like a stupid quesion, but like I said, I cant stand the stuff[​IMG]. Just out of curiosity, how does it come out not mopping at all? seems like there are a lot of posts that people describe how they cook it and it doesnt even mention a mop, just rub and cook. Putting it in a cooler wraped in foil and towls seems a little popular too. Sorry this little topic keeps on dwindling on , but I'm cooking for 25 people and I'm just trying to make it the best I can and no better way to find out and learn than you guys, and gals thanks again for all the info!![​IMG]
  10. meatball

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    I would definitely cooler it, wrapped in foil and buried under a couple towels. That's the way to go. As far as the rum, you'd probably be fine skipping it and just using your AJ. I always use the rum, just cause the wife likes rum so we usually have it on-hand - usually spiced rum (Sailor Jerry to be precise) [​IMG]
  11. dmack

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    I use Admiral Nelson rum. A cheaper knock off of Capn Morgan. Both are a spiced rum. I always let the pork rest in a cooler (foiled and wrapped in towels). The cooler will keep the pork warm for a long time. I try to allow for a minimum of an hour. That typically means I start very early in the morning for a 6:00 evening meal.
  12. dasmoker

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    I really like the sound of your sauce and am going to try something similar. If you are not a fan of the vinegar sauces (as I am not), I would steer clear of the vinegar sauce in the sticky. I made that with my 1st butt and no one in my house liked it. We live near philly and don't have much expereince with the vinegar based sauces. It did not go over well. We used a sweet BBQ sauce (Just the bottled stuff) with the last butt and like it MUCH better. But I like the sounds of doctroing up a sweet sauce a bit and using that.
  13. bigsteve

    bigsteve Master of the Pit

    Forgot to mention, just a hint of ground cloves when using for Pork. It makes a great hot dog sauce too.
  14. smokinbobo

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    ok, I'm applying my rub now and going to put into the fridge. Its 1pm saturday. I have 15.5 lbs of shoulder bone in. I just came on to see how long cooking times are, and seems like 1.5 hours per lb is common time. So that multiplies out to 23.25 hours?? I've never heard of smoking that long before, and since I want the food to be served at 2pm on sunday that would mean it needs to go on now???. Now since it is divided up into 2 pieces, is the 1.5 hours per lb still accurate, or do you adjust since it is two pieces.
    Am I missing something??[​IMG]
  15. jaye220

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    In my experience, 1.5 hours per lb. per piece is pretty accurate so if you now have 2 8 lb. pieces, it should take about 12 hours.

    Btw, you can kick up the speed about and smoke it at 275 or so. Some may disagree but I've found that you get the same great pulled pork as if you smoke at 225 in a lot less time. Good luck with your smoke.
  16. smokinbobo

    smokinbobo Fire Starter

    ok thanks a lot thats what I thought. I think I'm going to allow about 15 hours for 2-8lb shoulders, just so I know it will be done in time. I can always keep it in the foil/towl wrap in the cooler longer and then use the stirno trays to keep it warm or warm it up a little in the oven or something if it came down to it. Thanks again[​IMG]

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